High back booster

Best high chair? (We all know it's the Ikea one really but refusniks will bring us tales of Tripp-Trappery and booster seats). Have you discovered an excellent finger food snack, toothbrush, bib or more importantly A Lipstick That Really Does Stay On?

High back booster

Postby Marrow » 24 Sep 2016, 08:14

Courgette is getting near the 18kg limit for our Energy Pro (which this forum told me to buy), so I'm back again!

Recommendations for a high backed booster? We don't own a car, so criteria are:
- lightweight and easily luggable on trains / to the pub etc
- quick and idiot proof to secure in AN Other hire car / taxi
- not insanely expensive

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Re: High back booster

Postby LucyLastic » 27 Sep 2016, 11:39

We have the Cybex Q2-Fix Plus - it is light, easy to fix (you use the seatbelt to attach your LO and the seat to the car, although we also use the ISOFIX whatsits - a lot of stage 3 seats are seatbelt only (the isofix connectors stop the seat moving about if unbelted with no child in) and C is really comfortable in it. However, highback seats are quite bulky and it cost over £200. That may (definitely) sound ridiculous but it has all sorts of safety features, like side impact cushions, it expands widthways as you raise the headrest, the headrest tips back and the seat reclines (not much, but C has slept soundly without her head lolling about). And I figured that for potentially 7-8 years of use, it was a fair investment, as we drive a lot, including to and from school every day. I can totally see why you wouldn't want to spend that sort of cash if you don't have a car, though!
Which recommends the Britax Römer KidFix SL SICT, which weighs 5.7kg, uses the adult seatbelt and costs £125, apparently. Hope you find what you're looking for :-)
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Re: High back booster

Postby Marrow » 27 Sep 2016, 13:53

Thanks LL.

I think my problem is that the higher-end seats with the best safety ratings all come with ISOFIX, which is extra ££ and weight that we're just never going to use. And it's actually the weight that's the real issue - as you say, we'll use it for years.

I've also had the Britax Adventure recommended, which is cheaper and lighter (3.9kg). Still mulling!
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Re: High back booster

Postby EnigmaFish » 28 Sep 2016, 15:48

We have an isofix-enabled car, and were specifically looking for an isofix high-back booster (It makes sense to me that the seat would be fixed in place beneath them.) What we ended up buying was an iso-latch seat. It's much cheaper and significantly lighter than the isofix ones. Instead of the big metal clampy things, it has thick webbed straps which connect to the iso connectors in our car.
We're very happy with it and plan to get another one for Newt when she's older. I don't know the model offhand, but I'll look it up for you later.
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