Selling Funpod and travel cot

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Selling Funpod and travel cot

Postby LucyLastic » 30 Mar 2016, 22:09

I don't know the etiquette of selling on no-longer-required baby/toddler stuff on here, so please forgive me if it is frowned upon and I will endeavour to delete this post.

We have a 'maple' funpod (RRP £119, £96 on Amazon) that C has pretty much grown out of. We've moved and there isn't really room in this house for it, as the k-room isn't the right shape for it and, to be honest, she's a bit too big for it now.
It's in great condition, wipes clean really easily and I'm really glad I bought it. We used it for cooking and splashing at the sink in the k-room and for painting, gluing, whatever, at the table. It doesn't come apart for storage, so would have to be collected from Heathfield (East Sussex) or you can arrange for your own courier if you live further afield, and frankly who doesn't?!
When we received it, the rear panel (with the slots) had snapped in half. The company sent a replacement panel, which also arrived broken, then another, which also arrived broken. However, OH applied some wood glue and once assembled, it's absolutely solid.

The travel cot is a Mamas and Papas classic (navy/plum, RRP £50, currently £40 on M&P website). It's in really good condition - no accidents! It's sturdy, not stupidly heavy and comes with a fold out 'mattress' base and carry bag. We didn't buy an actual mattress for it and C always slept really well. It also came in really handy as a toy store for a while. Again, to be collected from Heathfield.

We're looking for £40 for the Funpod and £25 for the travel cot, but are open to offers. We also have a Linden stairgate (£10) and possibly a wooden John Lewis baby changing table that are both now surplus to requirements too. I'd guess most of you have most of this shizzle, so if you know anyone who doesn't and who will be passing through the a*se end of nowhere that we like to call Heathfield... Thanks.
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Re: Selling Funpod and travel cot

Postby lisahendrix » 01 Jun 2016, 09:16


do you have pictures?
Thanks :)
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