What razor to buy?

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What razor to buy?

Postby EnigmaFish » 08 Dec 2015, 22:12

I used to use the intuition razor, but I don't find it as good anymore. What I really liked about it was that the blades were little cartridges with the shaving gel built into them. It's a lot less hassle. Recently the cartridges don't seem to be as well made though. The gel wears out very quickly and hairs get stuck between the blades so easily.
So, what do you use for your shaving needs? Would you recommend it?
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Re: What razor to buy?

Postby clairehast » 18 Dec 2015, 09:25

I would never recommend any razor. It destroy the skin softness and beauty . You can use any shaving cream from these

1. Collezione barbiere shaving cream
£37, Aqua di Parma,

2. Close shavers squadron
£15, Kiehls,

3. Mg shaving gel
£4.07, Trevor Sorbie, Boots nationwide

4. Shave cream
£17.50, Anthony Logistics, Space NK
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Re: What razor to buy?

Postby mamapup » 18 Dec 2015, 09:56

Ooh creams that shave without razors? Revolutionary.
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