Must-have (for beginners)

Best high chair? (We all know it's the Ikea one really but refusniks will bring us tales of Tripp-Trappery and booster seats). Have you discovered an excellent finger food snack, toothbrush, bib or more importantly A Lipstick That Really Does Stay On?

Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby EnigmaFish » 18 Oct 2015, 22:24

a cup
I found both my girls got pretty constipated soon after they really started to eat. They were breastfed, but it was nice to have a cup for water, just to offer during meal times. Kleintje used a traditional sippy cup, but Newt has gone straight to a no-spill straw cup. (I don't know why I didn't think of it with Kleintje - what do breastfed babies do? Suck. Why did I bother with the sippy cup?)
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby emzit » 18 Oct 2015, 23:19

We are obviously lazier than others who clean floors several times a day... we have six pieces of cloth which get used and chucked in the wash after each meal.

EF - if it makes you feel less silly, muncher didn;t figure out how to use a straw until he was at least 18 months!
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby Brigitte » 19 Oct 2015, 02:44

I love my kiddos! Two April girls (2011 and 2013) and a May boy (2016). I guess we have spring babies in this family.
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby Akuma » 21 Oct 2015, 03:19

Yeah, I also believe I'm too lazy (and exhausted) to clean the floor several times a day xD

It seems Ikea had aprons even though they are not listed in their website. We got a pair of them after all :)

I meant to buy some small baby cups for my baby, in case he wants to experiment with drinking, as I am not concerned about the spilling.
If he gets constipated I'd try an sippy cup or something similar, but hopefully I don't need it beforehand.
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby Marrow » 21 Oct 2015, 08:24

You might be able to find plastic shot glasses - they are sold here for picnics etc. Or a shot-glass sized plastic measuring cup. They're good for little people to drink from.
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby Brigitte » 21 Oct 2015, 22:37

I actually used regular glass shot glasses! They're nice and heavy at the base, and reasonably sturdy. They worked better for my firstborn who I could watch carefully. My second-born eventually broke them all when my attention was divided. I used to put a broccoli elastic around them to add grippyness.
I love my kiddos! Two April girls (2011 and 2013) and a May boy (2016). I guess we have spring babies in this family.
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Re: Must-have (for beginners)

Postby MamaKh » 22 Oct 2015, 23:22

The antilope ofcourse. We started out w the Tiny diner and liked it a lot (but it did get greasy) until we found this at Target for only $6. Also available at Amazon. It has a perfect fit on the Antilope tray, folds easier than the tiny diner, does not get greasy and yes, cheaper
We had 2. One for home and always one packed in the diaperbag. Now i have a few at home. Perfect gift for anyone w kids starting to eat (blw or not).

As for the mess under the chair we used flyers that then went to the compost after every meal.
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