Rack your brains - dairy, soy, egg, wheat free quick meals!!

For the label-readers amongst us, a place to marvel at food manufacturers' ability to add milk powder to everything.

Re: Rack your brains - dairy, soy, egg, wheat free quick meals!!

Postby annasmum » 18 Feb 2009, 21:13

Again, I've found the pure marg, rice pasta etc.

for bread, we have a breadmaker, so if you find recipes with spelt flour or whatever which work I would love it if you could post them :)

in the meantime i've just bought a sort of bread at the big tesco near us. It's called 'Ener G' and is gluten, wheat, soya, milk and egg free. Really small slices, but toasted and with 'butter' on it, my little one (8 months) loves it. I am hoping we may be able to get it on prescription as it is quite expensive.

she also has some of the 'organix finger foods' and rice cakes, as well as millet porridge and fruit jelly. i know it's not main meals, but some ideas. Also I found that the babyfood manufacturers' websites do have tables on showing what is in what, so you can see at a glance which of these is ok.

thanks for posting as we're doing the same reading of ingredients lists :)
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