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Wheezing - dairy again or something else?

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2015, 09:44
by qbm
Hi all.

Quick background: SG was very, very dairy intolerant when she was a baby and we didn't discover this until she was nearly 4 months. When I was pregnant with WB I gave up dairy a month before she was born just in case the same this happened again. When WB was maybe 4 months I tried some small amounts of dairy and lo and behold she seemed to react in a similar way to how SG had - wheezing. It definitely didn't affect her anywhere near as much, so much so that we thought we could be imagining it. We then started introducing her to it when she was about 7 months. We did it slowly: cooked milk first, cooked cheese, cheese, yoghurt. All seemed fine so we have been eating these things for the last 4 months or so.

A few weeks ago though she started wheezing. We hadn't given her anything new but she had had ricotta and cream (cooked) into some pasta. She kept wheezing on and off and we backtracked - stopped yoghurt and cream as these were the newest things she had but yet hadn't seemed to cause any reaction before.

Today and yesterday though she has been wheezing a lot and, apart from cheese and cooked UHT milk which she has been having for months, she has not had anything that I would suspect would cause this.

Could wheezing be attributed to anything else? Or could a dairy intolerance suddenly start up/restart? I know it's a big ask but, from my experience with SG, the doctors (and nutritionist) I saw were really clueless about cmpi so I can't imagine going to them would help at all.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wheezing - dairy again or something else?

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2015, 07:36
by Nyigi
How are you going now?
Just in case it still helps I've got a bit of experience here. My first boy (now 5) was also very dairy and soy intolerant and I did the same as you with my second stopped while pregnant and then tried eating it when he was a few months old (but he definitely reacted).
Wheezing can always be caused by something else, maybe a virus or an allergy to something in the air or asthma or all sorts of other things.
It could also be the dairy. My older boy is now 'fine' he can eat cheese and yogurt and drink milk, but if he has too much at once and particularly too much of the protein (so ice cream or cream especially the more processed ones where they add extra milk protein) he still has a reaction. And if he has a bit too frequently it will also build up in his system and even a small amount can trigger a reaction.
It's a bit of a pain but the best way to check if it is the dairy is to stop all dairy for 2 weeks (and see if she gets better) and then give something high in milk protein and see if she reacts (may be delayed so good to do this for a few days).
You can also investigate other possible causes of the wheezing.
I hope things are going better now.

Re: Wheezing - dairy again or something else?

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2015, 18:39
by qbm

Thank you very much for your reply - much appreciated :)

We ended up just cutting out dairy completely again and, when there had been no wheezing for quite a long time, we began to reintroduce it very slowly. So far all seems fine again - we have been eating cheese and drinking UHT milk for quite some time and just 2 weeks we introduced fresh goat's milk with no problems.

Next up yoghurt then fresh cow's milk although there's no rush for these. The switch to goat's milk seems to be helping the eczema I have on my hands.

I think you may have been right about the build up though so I will keep that in mind in case we have any more wheezing.