Dairy allergy?

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Dairy allergy?

Postby scotrail » 25 Dec 2014, 21:41

Hi, I know I don't visit this forum very often anymore, but I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Our baby 2, now 8.5 m, is a VERY frequent poo.er. We are talking 8 times per day at least. After about 20s of feeding he starts squirming, and then wants to poo (we EC) after maybe 5-7 min. At. every. meal. Except between midnight and 0500. We had tests done and his calprotectin has come out a bit high a few times. He is gaining and growing like there is no tomorrow, but clearly there is a lot of discomfort going on.

I got referred to a specialist paediatrician, and got a letter saying the first thing to test for is slow cow protein allergy. Which is ironic, because he had something fried in butter maybe twice in his life, as I am lactose intolerant and Asian and hence our diet is very low dairy anyway. I eat maybe a cheese sandwich a day and put butter in my baking occasionally. Now I have to swear off all dairy for a month to check.

My hunch would be soya, as I eat a fair bit of that..

At any rate this is driving me nuts as baby is naturally impossible to put to sleep -he feeds, then wakes to poo about 4 min later and has then had a powernap and stays awake for hours. He can be carried to sleep but is a heavy baby! I know they say there are no tests for intolerances and am wondering if it could be something else entirely? If anyone has experienced similar things I would love to hear your ideas both for solutions and how to handle the situation... Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Dairy allergy?

Postby Mrs___Ives » 06 Jan 2015, 22:01

I'd say it is highly likely soya. Try a total elimination diet - then add foods back into your diet. My bub is suspected dairy intolerant, soy and egg allergy. In Australia we don't allergy test until babies are 12 months. I'm trying to push to get my lo (7months) tested earlier.
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