Rash? Possible dairy allergy

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Rash? Possible dairy allergy

Postby TCLynx » 24 Oct 2014, 01:59

Yesterday mid morning DS had a reaction to something. We didn't introduce anything totally new but I fear it might be a reaction to dairy.
Not long before the rash (all over him) he had some prune, egg, a taste of greek yogurt but he rejected it and a nibble of swiss cheese.
Rash slowly faded a little but he still has it today. Today he got prune and egg again and there was no flair up but the rash still hasn't totally gone away.

He has had a small amount of bumps and slight rash on/off much of his life, hardly noticeable most of the time but now I wonder if it's been the milk in my diet doing it to him all along. Do I need to cut dairy out of my diet if I ever want him to be able to drink milk in the future?
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Re: Rash? Possible dairy allergy

Postby Kmac225 » 29 Oct 2014, 19:46

Did the eggs have whites or just yolk?
My son got a rash from regular scrambled eggs but not with scrambled eggs made wth just the yolk.
I was told the protein in the whites could be too much and to wait longer before introducing them.
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Re: Rash? Possible dairy allergy

Postby Lucyca » 17 Mar 2015, 16:22

No, at this moment you need the dairy, you better consult with your doctor first. Hope a solution will come up.
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