Dairy and Soy Allergy

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Dairy and Soy Allergy

Postby cswaddle » 13 Oct 2014, 12:51

Hi! My son is almost 5.5 months and we are getting ready to start weaning. However, I'm terrified! Since birth we've been dealing with belly issues. It's taken this long to sort out severe reflux, as well as a dairy and soy allergy. I'm am worried that once we add in solid foods that more allergies will pop up upsetting his belly even more :( anyone else have these problems? I didn't have these problems with my first 2 and also didn't know about BLW.. we did cereals and purees because that's what we thought we *had* to do ;) I'm in the US so sorry about the language difference :)
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Re: Dairy and Soy Allergy

Postby junglewonderland » 14 Oct 2014, 05:35

Hi there! Koala had a dairy allergy and soy intolerance and is also allergic to peanuts. You are lucky that you have figured out some major allergies before weaning! Don't stress about it. Just be aware of what the major allergens are (fish, nuts etc) and maybe just give them on their own. But the evidence says that withholding allergenic foods past 6 months doesn't decrease allergies, so go for it!
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Re: Dairy and Soy Allergy

Postby rahul60 » 21 Nov 2014, 07:06

To intake enough calcium in the body there are lots of calcium-fortified foods out there now -- cereal, OJ, bread, etc, but if you still prefer more natural sources, here is a list of non-dairy naturally-calcium-rich foods.
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Re: Dairy and Soy Allergy

Postby KatarzynaR » 24 Nov 2014, 22:39

Hi cswaddle :) My daughter is either allergic or hypersensitive to dairy and eggs. She also had belly problems since very first day, but they were all resolved when I changed my diet (I bf her till now, six and a half months). We started BLW 2 weeks ago. I won"t give her any food containing problematic ingredients before having her properly tested, but I think that is no point in restricting her diet further "just in case" (we have no history of food allergies in our family). We tried food which are quite common food allergens, like a soy milk to make porridge, sesame seeds (tahini), almonds and nuts, fish (salmon) and she was perfectly fine with them. If you are afraid of it, try one kind of food at the time, like junglewonderland said, and maybe write it down (simple food diary may be useful to spot eventual allergens, especially if reaction isn't immediate).
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Re: Dairy and Soy Allergy

Postby alligrant » 03 Mar 2015, 10:29

Hi, I'm new to this page and have found this post. My 7 month old has s dairy and soy allergy plus a high grade reflux that is triggered by some foods. So far peas, carrots and potatoes are a fail but that list is getting longer. She hates puréed food and would much rather eat what we r (picture hands out making grabbing gestures at our plates lol) but she can't! I try steaming her some of her vegetables when she sits down with us for dinner and lunch but that gets to be hard work. She can only tolerate a slice every day or two of the one bread she can have and a lot of fruit triggers her reflux. I need help with some food suggestions?? I'm happy to try new things but am running Out of ideas. Citrus is also out. Love to hear what other people are doing.
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