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Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 10 May 2012, 01:03
by AussieBLW
My lil man and I had a bit of a scary start to BLW. Sunday with carrot and sweet potato was all good (besides the gagging and a lil bit of vomiting) and Monday morning with some homemade wholemeal bread and pear was also fine. But we added some sticks of cheese (normal cheddar) to the carrot and sweet potato with Monday's lunch and that was a BAD idea. My lil man only lasted about 10mins before getting sick of playing with the food and as we went to wash his hands and face I noticed around his mouth and his cheeks was really red and there was a rash down both his arms. So we packed him up in the car and took him to the emergency department. They were great and we were seen within minutes of getting there and given a bed in the pediatric emergency department within 10minutes of arriving! They checked his pulse and breathing (oxygen saturation levels) and they were all fine and his breathing wasn't at all compromised which was a huge plus :) The rash was also all over his belly too - all red and welty and raised :( The doctor checked my lil man over and said that they would try and give him an antihistamine to help control the rash - but they had to double check what they could give him as he is only a little baby (6.7kg according to the scales and that was with clothes and a nappy on). Eventually he was given a dose of phernegan, but thankfully the rash had started to clear on it's own before that. After 3.5hrs we were sent home as the rash was almost gone.

We don't really know what happened - our GP thinks it could be a diary allergy but as he is on a cow's milk-based formula (NAN HA) we just aren't sure. He has had eczema since 4 months (when he was still totally BF) and so my husband and I think maybe the eczema is could be due to diary so we are trying him on a soy-based formula to see if that clears up the eczema. And for now no dairy until he is about 9-10months old (on advice from the GP who said to stop dairy and reintroduce in a couple of months).

We even had another scare yesterday - same kind of rash (though not as severe) - after I think my lil man may have sucked on my fingers after I had some chocolate (which I had licked off my fingers and had finished 30mins previously). Luckily the rash settled down after about 30mins (with no antihistamine) but it was pretty scary since we just don't know what is causing it all.

I was looking forward to BLW and weaning but this has really put a dampner on things. I guess I'm not really looking for any advice, just wanted to share my story as it has really upset me since my lil man has been so good so far.

Re: Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 10 May 2012, 01:38
by elaruu
That sounds exactly like the reaction my son (now aged 3) had when he was first exposed to dairy. He was and still is allergic to dairy and reacts to the small amounts that you describe, such as traces of chocolate on your hands. It is very strange that your son seems ok with the dairy-based formula though, apart from the eczema I mean. My son was breastfed and he had eczema from about 3-4 months, which we discovered was exacerbated by me eating dairy. Cutting out dairy (me) didn't completely get rid of the eczema though, so there must also be other factors. And he has really bad eczema at the moment, despite the fact that he doesn't eat any dairy.

I hope you figure out what's going on with your son soon, and that his eczema clears up on the soya formula.

Re: Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 10 May 2012, 09:31
by AussieBLW
Thanks for the reply elaruu - it is strange about the formula. He can also tolerate our homemade wholemeal bread which has butter/marg (2 tablespoons) and skim milk powder (1 teaspoon) over a 550g loaf, which is also a little weird too. We really don't know exactly what he is allergic too is but I do hope he does grow out of it.We're slowly introducing the soy formula and I guess we will see how it goes.

Hope your son's eczema settles down soon - sorry to hear that cutting out all dairy hasn't helped it to clear up completely! As we both know, eczema is a funny condition and can be caused by any number of things we can't always control, which is what makes it so tough!

Re: Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 10 May 2012, 10:44
by scotrail
Hi, if he tolerates butter and milk powder, casein, the milk protein, is probably the culprit. Such small amounts as in the bread maybe ok, but cheese might have way more. Hope he grows out of it!

Re: Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 10 May 2012, 23:49
by AussieBLW
Thanks scotrail - your right it might be the milk protein and perhaps because we are/were using a hypoallergenic formula (NAN HA_) the milk proteins are broken down enough not to cause such a reaction?? Who knows...

We hope he grows out of it too! :)

Re: Allergic reaction to cheese/dairy

PostPosted: 16 May 2012, 12:12
by Melinda_Jane
Similar thing that happened to me with my greek yogurt post.
I was hoping my little one might be allergic to an ingredient in the yogurt
not the dairy as small amount of other dairy hadnt made the rash.
Have you thought about giving your little one an allergy test?
I think I may but maybe when a bit older, im from Aust too