when to start with allergies in family

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when to start with allergies in family

Postby squirt » 01 May 2012, 09:11

I got a fair few allergies. all celery, cashews (and sometimes mango too, they are related, not sure why not always), coconuts, pistache, pepermint (analfalactic or however you write that, my throat swells up from it) and probably some more I can't think off. I dare say more nuts I hate nuts, although I realise the nuts I listed aren't true nuts at all.

so I went to the nurse yesterday and got told to introduce food before 6 months to reduce allergies, this is what the allergy specialists are saying.
she gave me a brochure that said not to introduce solids until after 7 months to reduce the chance of allergies.


should I average the advise and start at 6 months? bub isn't ready yet. He has only just started to grab things a couple of days ago. Can sit up in the highchair a tiny bit if propped up. No idea about the tongue thrush reflex thingy, I never noticed it, he opens his mouth wide if I put things (fingers) in there and has so from practically birth.
He loves nomming on our fingers, though and has found his own too now, bless him.

any advise on what to do with so many allergies in the family?
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Re: when to start with allergies in family

Postby messtins » 01 May 2012, 12:32

Do you have access to any experts on this? I know there has been some experimental work done recently on starting solids at 4m to try to prevent allergies but I think the jury is still out on that one. Personally it would make me more likely to wait until baby was definitely developmentally ready for food.
My son has non-IgE intolerances and we did try early weaning at 5m in the hope it would help his reflux (it didn't). He got on much better with very slow intro to foods from about 6.5m BLW. I've found this information helpful http://www.littlerefluxers.co.uk/forum/ ... c-food-i...
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Re: when to start with allergies in family

Postby cvious » 03 May 2012, 19:44

It would be good to talk to a specialist if you can. Maybe one you see for yourself? I wouldn't do allergy testing until he's had reactions, though. Our allergist won't test for foods she hasn't eaten before, since there's a tendency for false positives.

Our allergist (in the US) advised exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months, and that beyond that there's no reason to delay specific foods, just be mindful of what she's eating and try foods the first few times at a safe place and time of day when we can watch.

My daughter is allergic to the only foods we delayed a bit, but they are also very common allergens, so it's probably coincidence (peanuts and tree nuts). She first had tree nuts at 10 months and reacted, and reacted to peanut-contaminated raisins at 12 months. She's never had shellfish because I am allergic, so I can't be around a messy toddler eating it.
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Re: when to start with allergies in family

Postby squirt » 07 May 2012, 09:18

that's good to know. I won't delay the stuff I'm allergic to, too long. and the common ones. I'd hate for him to have a peanut allergy.

I'll try and talk to the gp about it (hes a peditrician as well). see what he says. Other than him we only see the maternal and child health nurse, who doesn't seem hugely knowledgeable other than the common advise.
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