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Postby Eleanor » 11 Apr 2012, 09:41

I'm having a slight wobble about DD's calcium intake now that she's gone off drinking oat milk. She'll occasionally have a splash on her cereal, but that's all - otherwise she eats cereal dry :? - but at least the cereal is calcium-fortified...) But the days when she would drink a glass of it seem to be gone. Even chocolate oat milk tends to be sipped and then left!

Apparently for her age - going on 6 - she needs 450 mg of calcium a day. Of course most of the recommended foods that are high in calcium are things she won't eat very much of (cabbage, broccoli, rhubarb, tofu...) She does like salmon & other fish but there's a limit to how much fish I can serve daily!

I've been pleasantly surprised to see that white flour contains more calcium than brown (because it's fortified) as that's what she prefers anyway. Also that baked beans are a good source!

I'm not having too much luck googling for information about how to get calcium without dairy, because loads of it relates to vegan diets, and she eats pretty much everything else but dairy. (We do have to restrict her citrus intake a bit, so that's oranges off the list as a calcium source.)

Just wondering if anyone else has any tips. Thanks!
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