Allergic skin reaction?

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Allergic skin reaction?

Postby CappyBoppy » 04 Apr 2012, 10:48

My little boy was allergic to many things when we started weaning him. He eventually got tested after he'd grown out of most of them (at 19 months) but remained quite allergic to egg. He would get really bad hives on skin contact whenever he got near any dairy, eggs, tomato, nectarines etc etc. At three and a quarter, he still comes up in hives on contact with egg :-(
With my little girl, we were a lot more cautious, and she started showing early signs of being upset by dairy in my diet through my milk. When we started weaning, I put various things on her skin, it became apparent she reacted to dairy, and quite badly to egg. But also, after eating toast, it became evident she has a problem with wheat too.
I was mostly dairy free from about 2 weeks, and I have been rigidly dairy, egg and wheat free for about a month now (and obviously, so has L). But I thought I'd skin test butter on her arm again yesterday, and no reaction at all. Then this morning I tested creamy yoghurt on her cheek, and again, no reaction. She also had no reaction to tomato when I tried that on her skin!
Does this mean she's grown out of it? Once A stopped reacting on his skin, it generally meant he could eat it fine, but he was quite a bit older?
I'm thinking I should reintroduce dairy to my diet first? If so, how do I got about it? Milk in tea first, or butter or a slice of cheese?
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Re: Allergic skin reaction?

Postby elaruu » 04 Apr 2012, 11:07

My older son is 3 yrs, 2 months and we found he was allergic to dairy at 6 months and egg at about a year old. He has never had any tests, but is now still quite strongly allergic to dairy and maybe less so to egg (?). So, like you, I was a bit cautious and on the lookout for similar issues with J. I really really wanted him to not be allergic, so I was in denial for a bit, but at around 5 weeks old I came to the conclusion that dairy in my diet did seem to affect him. He was a very sicky baby, just like A, and, although not very definitively, avoiding dairy in my diet seemed to make this better. He never had eczema though, whereas A did from about 3 months. (I wasn't avoiding dairy until 6 months with him as I had no idea).

I wasn't overly strict with myself with the dairy avoidance with J (couldn't stop eating chocolate!) but I did my best :wink: . I did the milk dab on the cheek test once at about 4 months, and again at about 5 months and both times there was no reaction at all. And at 5 months I reintroduced dairy into my diet with no effect to him. Yay!! :D

I started giving him small amounts of dairy foods at about 8 months (just some cheese every now and again), and then gradually introduced a bit more (yoghurt). No reaction!!! Yay yay yay!! He's also fine with egg. I've only given him actual milk in cereal a few times, but that's really only to avoid exposing A to it, as it's quite hard to contain the mess! He is fine with that too though.

So yes, I believe that J may have had a mild dairy allergy or just an intolerance and grew out of it by around 5 months of age. I'd say this could've happened with your daughter too.

I think I'd probably do as you say, and reintroduce dairy into your diet and see if it has any effect. You could start of gradually with milk in your tea, occasional chocolate or whatever and then if she seems fine, go for it :wink: !

Not sure what you could do about the egg, but based on your experience with your son I might be a bit more cautious with that. I think it's a bit harder to do the dab test with egg too.
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