BLW 10 days and a skin reaction

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BLW 10 days and a skin reaction

Postby Camellia » 20 Mar 2012, 22:00

We have tonight had a risotto (recipe from the BLW cookbook), and my LO developed red cheeks, chin and forehead, hands went red also with little white lumps. He seemed perfectly fine in himself tho.

Ingredients in the risotto which he had not tried before were courgette, rice and aubergine.

Nearly 4 hours later it has calmed down a bit, the white lumps have gone off his hands, but his face is still red.

Neither me or my husband suffer with any allergies, in fact (touching wood) we are both really healthy in all respects, so have no experiences to draw on.

I'm guessing the culprit is the aubergine. Do we just avoid this for the near future, should I be giving him an over the counter remedy, or is it something I should take him to the Drs about?

We have only been blwing for 10 days, so still a little anxious.
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Re: BLW 10 days and a skin reaction

Postby Aitch » 20 Mar 2012, 23:08

do you have any piriton in the house? (i keep it ALWAYS, i've had my kids come out in hives for the oddest reasons... bath too hot? Hives. running through a park? hives... weirdos). check age range though, can't remember.
i reckon it's the aub as well, so keep away from it for the time being.
have a look at that link, if it's a 'deadly nightshade family' allergy it's pretty common. my eldest daughter has always LOATHED aubergine and uncooked tomato, and had wee reactions every so often, just around the mouth though, from trying it. dd2, on the other hand, loves aubergine in all its incarnations and feasts daily on cherry toms, so you never can predict these things.
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Re: BLW 10 days and a skin reaction

Postby MummaQ » 22 Mar 2012, 14:09

I've had the same with egg and pâté and some Organix raspberry rice cakes. I just use his baby balm for his dribble rash/ eczema. It usually goes in a few days. I have avoided it when I know what it is, but if I didn't know I would try whatever was in the rissoto seperately, so try sticks of cook couregette on their own etc narrow it down by trials. Also wait until his face is comepetely clear before trying him on anything again.

I'm on day 4 of the reaction still being on his face from an Organix rice cake on monday, all the ingredients I think he's had before, so this is a strange thing I'm trying to figure out. He too is well in himself, so I think it's just a skin reaction so not too much to worry about.

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Re: BLW 10 days and a skin reaction

Postby LittleCrush » 22 Mar 2012, 22:12

Sounds just like what we get with Goblin. I agree it's likely to be the aubergine. We have had this reaction to aubergine and dairy. It usually goes down within an hour or so and he doesn't seem bothered by it. When it first happened the HV just said to avoid the culprit for a couple of months and then try again. She wasn't overly concerned. I'm keeping a note of what affects him and when but I'm hoping he will just grow out of it.
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