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Dairy/egg intolerance link to sleepless nights

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2012, 02:30
by Sophie2011
Just curious as to how many people had babies sleeping better after doing an elimination diet? Miss I had an egg for dinner last night and was crying hard from 10pm to 12:30 - panadol, feeds, cuddles in bed - nothing helped. Also she hasn't slept for longer than 2 hours at night since we started solids.

SHe has no visible signs of an allergy or intolerance - although fairly sloppy poos - hardly ever formed properly. The only other reason I can think of an intolerance is that she has always been fairly colicy as a newborn and still has a lot of wind.

Anyway I'm going to cut back on the dairy and egg and see if it makes any difference. Although she loves her yoghurt after main course so bit sad to see that go. Hopefully if it helps we can go to soy products.

Re: Dairy/egg intolerance link to sleepless nights

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2012, 07:02
by sabrina fair
We've been eliminating various things for weeks because one of the main issues is that monkeybaby's very windy at night, and I'm sure it's a large part of his sleeplessness. Been off dairy since the new year and I don't think it's helped much (although might be improving his eczema) and I'm intending to re-introduce it, but currently cutting wheat for a few days just to check it's not both (have previously cut onions/garlic/tomatoes ---that was challenging when our evening meal is usually vegan!). I've cut from both of our diets since he's still bf'ing a lot, and now getting to point where, since I'm still getting no sleep, at least I'm looking forward to being able to eat whatever I like!

Sorry, not much help to you...

Re: Dairy/egg intolerance link to sleepless nights

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2012, 08:08
by messtins
M is intolerant of dairy and soya, and if we slip up the first thing to go to pot is his sleep. Food intolerances often affect sleep because the gut is most active at night when the body is supposed to be resting, and because there is nothing to distract them from a sore tummy in the night-time. I would say that he had a lot of other tell-tale symptoms when he was having dairy/soy though (abdo pain, wind, mucus in poo, poor weight gain, red rash around bottom, reflux) it was far from just being a sleep issue, but of course there are various degrees of severity in these things.
50% of dairy intolerant babies are also intolerant of soya so it may not be the best replacement to use.

Sweet dreams! Jen x

Re: Dairy/egg intolerance link to sleepless nights

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2012, 09:23
by Eleanor
Just as an anecdote: when we cut dairy out of DS's diet it took a couple of weeks to clear out properly, and then almost overnight he went from waking up crying every hour every night, to sleeping 13 hours straight. He was 6 months old.

(And a year later he had completely grown out of the problem :bsmile )

Re: Dairy/egg intolerance link to sleepless nights

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2012, 20:41
by Sophie2011
Thanks for replies. I saw GP the otherday and he thinks we may have a silent reflux problem and also recommended stopping dairy for a little bit. Gave Miss I gaviscon before bed, but she still woke up screaming in pain around midnight(plus a few grizzly times before then) I gave her gripe water just to see and she released a fair bit of wind, then calmed right down.

I'm going to try to stop dairy for a bit (pretty hard though) and see whether that makes any sort of improvement. Messtins we do get a red burn type mark along Miss I's anus from time to time, hard to know though.