It's worse than we thought...

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It's worse than we thought...

Postby WishingBone » 02 Mar 2012, 09:46

Bear seemed to be ok on goat's milk, but as soon as she went back to nursery the diarrhoea started again - it seems the amount she has at home is ok, but she can't cope with the amount of milk in the nursery menu. So we tried soya milk - and the diarrhoea got worse! She can't even cope with a breakfast portion of that. So we've sent oat milk into nursery today - she eats loads of porridge so I doubt she'll have a problem with that. Poor little thing - she's only just potty trained and gets really upset and confused when she poos herself - she doesn't have accidents otherwise.

I'm still not sure whether the problem is lactose or dairy protein. I'll give it a week on the oat milk and if it settles down I'll try that lacto-free stuff - dairy milk with the lactose taken out. I've made a doctors appt for next week, but will they actually do anything or just tell us to keep experimenting? I feel bad because I was determined not to be one of these people who blames everything on fictional food intolerance, but it really looks as though Bear has a problem with soy as well as lactose/dairy - how unlucky is that?.
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby qbm » 02 Mar 2012, 09:58

I don't know if this is helpful or not as Froglet is only 7 months and we became aware of her cmpi at about 3 months. The symptoms she showed were: tiny flecks of blood in her poo, foamy poo and stomach cramps. I think that was it. Oh and she was a fussy feeder until I gave up dairy completely. It is also common for those who have cmpi to react to milk protein in other animals' milk and, bizarrely, they often react to soya as well. We haven't tried her with any of these... yet! A few weeks ago I had fried eggs with REALLY runny yolks and Froglet reacted to that as well - the protein in it that is.

Anyway, I think what I am saying is, it sounds like it could only be protein. The doctor will be able to determine that I guess. Also, it seems children tend to grow out of cmpi though they could be 7 before that happens!! All may not be lost :)
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby skip » 02 Mar 2012, 12:51

Poor little lamb. And yeah, soya and dairy intolerances often go hand in hand, apparently. Hopefully the doc can refer you to someone more specialised, or hopefully the oat/goat/lactofree milk solves things. Ditto ratoncito - I was told that most kids are meant to grow out of it by 3 years. M grew out of it by 1, so even if Bear is struggling, Smudgy might grow out of it sooner.

Ach, good luck. It's really not such a pain in the arse once you get used to substituting and double checking things. And it might turn out she's fine with certain things (what about marg/butter/cheese/yog etc?) but just needs different milk.
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby DaffodElle » 19 Mar 2012, 13:46

Not to be redundant, but often soy and dairy intolerance are linked. I've seen it many times, myself included!

Don't want to rain on the parade, just wanted to let you know that that is really common, as skip said.
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby messtins » 20 Mar 2012, 14:57

I was another one who thought food intolerances were fictional until I got a child with dairy/soya intolerance! I've had to eat much humble pie over my previous scoffing about food allergies....
50% of children who are cow's milk protein intolerant also react to soya, the proteins are a similar shape. We were told to avoid all other animal milks (except breastmilk and only if Mummy was dairy/soya free too). We get on well with Oatly.
There isn't a test for food intolerances other than trial and error taking suspect foods out of the diet and then "challenging" with them. You could ask for allergy testing but most kids who react to CMP are not truly allergic and will be negative on antibody tests.
If Bear does turn out to be CMPI then it's likely she'll outgrow it before she goes to school. We're seeing some encouraging signs that M can tolerate a little more dairy and soya, we can eat normal bread now and don't need to panic if he pinches a biscuit.

CMPI is much more common than primary lactose intolerance which is rare in babies and young children. They can have some temporary secondary lactose intolerance if the gut is damaged by a GI bug or by exposure to an allergen (like milk protein....).
Good luck with your experimenting... Jen x
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby Rooby1985 » 04 May 2012, 09:00

Hi there,
Not going to be much help, but my almost 7 month old has CMPI. Funnily enough she's fine with Soy though. She refused to breastfeed - we visited lactation consultants, child health nurses, doctors, midwives, all to no avail. I expressed for a while but my milk supply dried up rapidly so we had no choice but to go to formula. She had the blood in her poo and diarrhea on regular cows milk formula, but improved out of sight when she was put on Soy - no more problems. Our paediatrician is planning to challenge her with dairy when she turns 1. Now that we're doing BLW, are foods that 'may contain traces of milk' okay?
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby BacktoSaz » 04 May 2012, 09:11

One other you send all her food in with her, or does she also have nursery food,? If so, you need to check whether their bread, soups, cereals, spreads etc etc have milk powder in....(learnt from bitter experience).
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Re: It's worse than we thought...

Postby elaruu » 04 May 2012, 10:10

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