How to give enough calcium?

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How to give enough calcium?

Postby WishingBone » 27 Feb 2012, 15:40

It's looking as though Bear has a degree of lactose or milk protein intolerance (I can't work out which - she seems ok with goat's milk, but the only time in her life before now she had solid poos was when she was briefly on lactose-free formula after becoming temporarily totally lactose intolerant after a tummy bug - I feel bad that I didn't pick up on it at the time, but I assumed it was making her poo solid because of all the weird chemical stuff they would have to do to the milk to make it lactose free).

Anyway, she seems ok with goats milk and some ordinary cheese, but can't have cow's milk or yogurt. She loves yogurt :(

How, in practical terms, is best to go about making sure she has enough calcium? She's a pretty good eater and has a wide diet otherwise. Is half a pint of goats milk and a bit of cheese enough? What do those of you with dairy- intolerant LOs do?
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Re: How to give enough calcium?

Postby gali » 27 Feb 2012, 17:38

One of my boys is Type I allergic to dairy and eggs so we are lucky enough to see a dietician on the NHS who keeps an eye on such things. If you are at all worried then it's worth asking for a referral to get some expertise and reassurance.

Kids aged 1 - 3 need 350mg calcium per day. For my boy this equates to one soy yoghurt, one cup of soy milk and a little extra on cereal, in baking etc. Also try using Best of Both bread which contains calcium, as does Ready Brek.

When it looked as if my boy was also soy allergic the dietician prescribed Calcium Sandoz Syrup which is also another route to try if you are not happy that they are getting enough via food. I think it's prescription only though.

This leaflet should help you. It also lists alternative sources of calcium. ... 20Zone.pdf
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Re: How to give enough calcium?

Postby messtins » 27 Feb 2012, 22:50

My son is dairy and soya intolerant and doesn't take enough Oatly to get his 350mg a day. He has calcium sandoz which is prescribed by his dietician but it is not prescription only, you can ask a chemist to order it in for you. There's also a liquid calcium supplement made by Osteocare. I'd suggest you do a food diary over a week or so to work out how much calcium contaning foods she has on average. Assuming goat's milk is similar in content to cow's milk, I would think half a pint is about 2/3 of her requirement. Can she have soya alternatives? Another portion of dairy ( a soya yoghurt or some cheese) would probably get her up to her requirement. Jen x
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