Eczema... Found one culprit... It's not food...

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Eczema... Found one culprit... It's not food...

Postby MummaQ » 25 Feb 2012, 19:03

Hi there,

My boy has infantile eczema, it comes and goes etc etc. sometimes he gets it on his belly, sometimes his sides. Short lived epsisodes, I'm trying different creams, making a mental note of what he eats etc.

As some of you know, baby was poorly last night, so no food today just booby.

I decided to leave baby with daddy whilst, I had dinner, didn't want to eat in front of him. So as daddy has finished getting ready for work, he took baby into the bathroom and played on the floor together whilst I ate my dinner and got the bath ready. Daddy went to work and I noticed baby was all red! He had been fine all day, no redness. I hadn't even bathed him yet. And he hasn't eaten anything today.

Then a lightening bolt struck my brain, when daddy has to work in the evening or go out etc, he has a shower, the last thing he does is put aftershave on! Then if he's got time he helps us with bath time, or like tonight baby has a bit of clothes free time before bed and they play together with bath toys. My husband is essentially rubbing aftershave all around baby's middle whilst holding him and helping baby sit up and play etc.

I rang hubby to check and he said yes the last thing he does is put aftershave on and he doesn't always think to wash his hands after.... so hopefully we will make an effort to remember not to put him in this situation again poor mite, can be nice on his skin, probably makes him feel itchy!

Hopefully this will go away on his middle now and not come back!

Everywhere else is fine, we've had a breakthrough with his dribble rash and a new cream, if only I could solve the patches on his elbows!!!

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Re: Eczema... Found one culprit... It's not food...

Postby pimento » 25 Feb 2012, 20:37

Good detective work! I probably never would have thought of that. Hope it *is* the culprit and that the eczema goes away... have you tried coconut oil for the patches on his elbows? I've been able to pretty much abandon all E45-type creams and the steroids by using coconut oil exclusively.
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Re: Eczema... Found one culprit... It's not food...

Postby madcatmummy » 25 Feb 2012, 20:42

What are you using for the dribble rash? JT has had it persistently since the new year and I just can't shift it. The gp gave us epaderm which is pretty useless if you ask me!

Good detective work on the eczema, I hope it is the culprit and it now stays away!
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Re: Eczema... Found one culprit... It's not food...

Postby MummaQ » 25 Feb 2012, 21:10

I have been using a baby balm from itchy baby website


Shop, the cream I got this week is this one, it arrived Tuesday. ... ucts_id=17. It has coconut oil in it

I have been using Cetaphil, seemed to be ok, skin no worse, helped lots. I just wanted something more natural. I got the baby balm on Tuesday, until then a was actually using Savlon on his face because the rash had got quite bad and he cried when I put Cetaphil on it. I had chapped lips so I put some Cetaphil on them and they stung, so switched to Savlon - which I've always kept in the house and use it for just about everything!!! Then since Wednesday (as Tuesday I put a bit on his arm as a patch test and all over my lips and face to check it out) I've been putting it on several times a day, seems to be much better. The Savlon was helping, but this actually seems to moisturise it as its so dry on his face, and he's hardly even red today or yesterday! It's a small of of stuff and as soon as you put a bit on your fingers it turns to oil. A little goes a long way.

Maybe I just need to be a bit more patent with the elbows! The bath Powder arrived today ... ucts_id=18 so I used it tonight, well see how we get on. I've marked two weeks time off on the calendar. I'm still using the Cetaphil body wash... But the moisturiser I've put on the back burner for now...

I'm not plugging itchy baby, I came across them whilst researching. I have a few sites bookmarked to try, this is the one I'm trying at the moment.

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