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Irritated skin

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2012, 11:01
by starcat4
I posted this over in the ‘new to BLW’ area but it would probably be better here and as I’m unsure as to how to proceed any input would be helpful.

We've been BLW for about 6 weeks now and DD is doing really well. She's starting to swallow small amounts and is keen to try everything. A couple of weeks ago she came out in a rash on her tummy (similar to a heat rash iykwim) which gradually spread to her legs. It looked like her skin had been irritated with something but as she wasn't really swallowing anything at the time, the only things that I thought could have caused it were pineapple, orange or kiwi as they were the 'juices' that she was ingesting.

I've kept her off those in the hope that it would clear up but it hasn't really and the 'rash' is sort of everywhere now, including her cheeks and chin....the only baby soft place now is her bottom, bless :( It's not bothering her and I'm applying a cream every evening that is meant to be useful in treating eczema, dry skin etc but I'm unsure as to how proceed at this point. I would hate to stop giving her foods completely as she is really into it all but she isn't keen on plain steamed veg or more 'neutral' things.

Mum's a retired health visitor and says it could just be a reaction to the introduction of food in general and to not worry too much at the mo...but should I? Should I keep her off food until it hopefully clears up and then start again from scratch...I would hate to have to but as the days go by it doesn't seem to be getting any better 

We don't have health visitors here in Italy and my doctor is a complete waste of time. I spoke to him this morning to be told that it definitely wasn't something that she was eating, to leave it alone and that it was probably the softener that I was washing her clothes with...and all this without even seeing her....WTF?!??!? 

She's EBF and nothing in the house or washing has changed so I'm 100% sure that it is food related but am a loss at this point as to how to proceed. She's having both dairy and wheat as she enjoys yoghurt and I'm cooking muffins and things for her so using flour etc. Should I take her off everything for a bit and see if it settles down? And then reintroduce things slowly? Or are there 'safe' things that she could probably have without a prob? Although like I said she's not a big fan of veggies at the mo, which are probably a safe option.

We were getting on so well with BLW it seems so unfair to have to stop for a while. 

Re: Irritated skin

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2012, 20:40
by MummaQ
Hi there,

My son is 7 months, at 6 months-ish, he had dribble rash for a while took him to the docs and he was diagnosed with infantile eczema. So she prescribed a cream etc. anyway, hhis eczema wasn't that bad...until I used the cream she prescribed!!!! OMG!!! He screamed the house down, so after twice putting it on I stopped. Did my own research and bought a different cream..... Now I then obviously wanted to make his skin better so I applied this cream several times the day I got it and the next day.... Next thing I know he's got heat rash on his tummy! Oh what has he eaten I thought??? What has happened?? Was it the new cream? He hadnt had a reaction anywhere else!

Then I thought, hmmm maybe it was just heat rash, he's teething, gets a bit hot at night, sleeps with us, maybe he over heated and all this cream isnt letting his skin breathe. So I stopped putting loads of cream on and in a couple of days it went. one thing I read with putting on cream is it put it on only in the direction the hair on the body would grow, not rub it in as it blocks the follicles. The other thing is, I don't put cream on his belly anymore unless he has a break out on it and if he does it's a quick wipe of cream.

I'm not sure if my experience will help you, but maybe try not putting cream on for a couple of days and see if it helps you. If it does, maybe consider a lighter cream or only putting it on in the morning, maybe evening before bedtime, when they get all hot and sweaty, isn't the best time? Just a thought. Hope it helps.

Let me know how you get on if you try it.


Re: Irritated skin

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2012, 13:46
by starcat4
Thanks MummaQ! As it happens she's since been diagnosed with eczema - as I had imagined - both by her new doc and a dermatologist that we saw on Monday. We've now cut out dairy, wheat and eggs and when her skin's back to a decent state - which it almost is - I'm going to slowly reintroduce everything and try and figure out what triggers it off!

We're creaming 3 times a day - down from 5 :o - and things have improved immensely. We've still got some rashy patches on her chest and back and some more eczemay looking bits on her thighs but it's soooo much better than it was a couple of weeks back - granted her diet is also much more limited now!

Re: Irritated skin

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2012, 14:31
by MummaQ
Well I'm glad you got it diagnosed. Once I had it diagnosed I slowed down with weaning. We tried egg before he was diagnosed and had a red face, so I'm not going t attempt any more dairy until about a year old. I read somewhere that babies intestines are "leaky", this is so breastmilk can be absorbed into their bodies and give them the immunity we have etc. so I figure it's probably best to wait. The only other thing that made his face red is orange. But then who knows, once he can get the food in his mouth rather than around it, he might not get a red face.

There's a really good website called itchy baby. Have you heard about it? She has really good advice on there.