Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed him?

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Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed him?

Postby emma83 » 05 Feb 2012, 03:05

Hello all,

My little man is 8 1/2 months old, and has been fed a mixture of purees and finger food from about 5 months.

He is great with his hands, has developed the "pincer" grip quite well - manages blue berries well.

The problem now is he seems to be refusing a lot of his "usual" foods. He has no teeth yet and it has crossed my mind he may be starting to teeth.

Normal foods include:
Heated: Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Green Beans, Asparagus
Cold: Cucumbers (both baby ones and large ones cut into lengths), celery
Fruit: Pears, Blueberries, Grapes, watermelon
Meat: Chicken, lamb cutlets

I have also given him pureed peas or mashed peas and he spits them out! He regularly turns his nose up to avocado and banana….

About to try him on stewed Rhubarb and apple, and also tried some rice with soy formula ("creamed" rice!)

I'm finding it difficult to find recipes or info on food that I can give him that doesn't include cheese.

We have tried Soy yoghurt but he reacted to it (we think he may have an intolerance to the cultures that are added) and cannot give him most soy cheeses as they have dairy extracts in them.

I would love to hear from anyone who has suggestions??

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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby Riotproof » 05 Feb 2012, 06:13

You can probably use rice/oat milk in things, but not as a drink. Or even the soy formula.
Pasta - easy to pick up like bow ties or rigatoni with the ridges
peas as they are, if he can eat blueberries, he can pick up these
Just keep it simple.. strips of meat, steamed veggies
Srirfries add sauce after LO's portion is out.

I think he's eating a good variety for his age, just keep offering.
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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby BLTMama » 05 Feb 2012, 14:20

Hello and welcome to the forum! I agree with Riotproof that that sounds like a good variety, but I know how frustrating it can be to cook for someone with a restricted diet. If you're looking for new recipes to try, vegan cookbooks/websites are a good resource for food without dairy and eggs. I've used from time to time, but there's lots of options out there.

And believe me, you're not missing ANYTHING by not using fake cheeses -- every one of them is disgusting! :wink:
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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby twilightfan » 05 Feb 2012, 14:40

You may find this site; ibakewithout.com helpful too. Hiann recommended it & I think it's fab. From what I can tell she also has children with allergies. She has a facebook page and is also helpful with any questions too!.
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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby gali » 05 Feb 2012, 14:42

Yes, it's really tricky, I remember it being a horrible time full of anxiety that there was going to be a reaction to whatever I gave him ... plus I had another baby to feed that didn't have the allergies ... it's a difficult time but it does get easier.

What helped me was having a meal plan, decide at the beginning of the week what you are going to offer, offer a good variety and don't stress if they are not interested, BLW is you offering and them deciding what they want to eat and what they don't want to eat. If they don't want to eat then that's their business!

As long as he is getting lots of milk then don't worry too much about food before they are one. Are you BF? What milk is he on if you are not?

Have you been to see a dietician? You might need some professional help with his diet if his allergies continue.

Are you in Oz? The heat can put little ones (and big ones) off their food too.

What meals do you eat that are made without dairy/egg/nuts? You should offer these, it will be so much easier for you as time goes on if he likes what you like to eat. I remember we seemed to eat endless roast dinners for this very reason!

Have you got the BLW cookbook:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Baby-led-Weanin ... 701&sr=8-1

Anyway ... I'm copying and pasting a dairy/egg/nut free meal plan that I took along to the dietician when my boy was one year old ... so a bit older than yours is but it might give you a few ideas ... the dietician said it was great, better than most kids without allergies would have nutritionally ... which may or may not have been true but it made me feel better after months of feeling rubbish :D

It will get easier for you as his co-ordination gets better and he can start to get a loaded spoon in his mouth so you can start offering more stuff that isn't just finger food ... we started just by scooping up spoonfuls of our food and laid the spoons on their high chair trays and they soon got the hang of it.

Breakfasts, combination of:
Sugar/salt free puffed rice, stewed apple
Mini weetabix and EBM
½ slice toast with Pure marg
Granola (homemade - oats, rice, sunflower and sesame seeds, raisins, coconut) and stewed apple
Oat and raisin muffin ... see my fave website, I always halve the amount of sugar she suggests! http://www.foodallergymama.com/category/recipes/

Hummus (make your own without tahini), avocado, chicken, tuna or bits of last evening supper smoothed onto rice cakes or corn thins - cut into fingers

Lamb mince, onions, garlic cooked with home made baked beans and mashed potatoes
97% pork sausages with roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and broccoli
Bolognaise sauce with onion, courgette, mushroom, carrot, garlic, tomatoes and beef mince
Leeks, ham, broccoli, spinach, peas whizzed up and stirred into big fusilli, aka 'green pasta'
Chicken/turkey/lamb patties, sweet potato wedges, peas
Roast chicken, potatoes, parsnips, carrot, broccoli, corn on the cob
Pumpkin, pea and chicken risotto

Pear and apple crumble with soy custard
Rice pudding and jam (made with oat milk)
Cereal bars

Hope this gives you some ideas
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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby Riotproof » 05 Feb 2012, 20:20

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Re: Dairy/Egg/Peanut Allergy & 8 1/2 mth old - What to feed

Postby cvious » 05 Feb 2012, 20:55

Some cuisines we cook and home are typically non-dairy and have lots of egg free options (though we use tons of egg, no allergy to that here). Ordering in I worry too much about peanut traces, but cooking Thai, Indian, and Chinese at home are usually well-liked, have tons of vegetables, and I'm not usually having to leave out ingredients other than salty ones. I usually just search the internet for a traditional dish that I've liked in a restaurant.

Coconut milk and coconut oil are staple ingredients in our house. Refined coconut oil tastes exactly like butter to me when I cook with it. Unrefined tastes coconut-y so it's nice for stir fry. Coconut milk usually behaves like milk when I cook, as long as it's unsweetened.
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