Lactose intolerence?

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Lactose intolerence?

Postby Noir » 29 Jan 2012, 08:44

I've been wondering if O has a bit of a lactose intolerence. She has had lots of poo accidents recently, but always seems unsettled after having a lot of milk/yoghurt anyway. I cut it out for a couple of days, and no accidents- then I've let her have dairy from when she finished school on Friday, and we're back to accidents. It could still be totally unrelated but if it is how do I find out, or is it just a case of diet restriction? She really really loves milk and cheese, and yoghurt, though she's never had much of the latter because I just don't really like it or see the point- it's just like milk but with lots of sugar in, and has always made her tummy a little unsettled. I've got an appointment with the doctor to discuss her accidents on Tuesday anyway. Will I just sound like a neurotic mother if I start bandying about possible intolerences?
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Re: Lactose intolerence?

Postby shye » 29 Jan 2012, 11:03

Does she complain of pain?

My experience of LI was 24-48 hours of discomfort/pain, then it would pass (ie poo) and all would be fine.

Lots of cheese is lactose free.....
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