Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

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Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby Momto2boys » 15 Jan 2012, 00:01

So this is to all the moms/dads that have babies that breast feed and have dairy and soy intolerance. I cannot eat any dairy or so or my lil man gets very sick. He is not tolerating rice cereal, as it is constipating him.

Now that he is 7 months old we are looking to start him on some real foods. Up till now he has only had rice cereal. Has anyone who has had a baby like this had issues with starting solids?

As of right now I can eat eggs, wheat and nuts with no problems to him. I just am not sure if this is a gate way to other issues. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby Jelly Belly » 15 Jan 2012, 12:54

Squirmy has a milk protein intolerance so when she started eating food so I had to ensure none of her meals contained it. Using margarine instead of butter and oat milk or cream instead of regular milk or cream meant I could cook the same meal for everyone and Squirmy would be able to eat it too. The only thing I never found a reasonable substitute for is cheese (I can't stand soya and Mr JB isn't too fond of it either). We still use Oatly in place of milk now but have been able to cook using butter since Squirmy was almost a year old as the trace of milk protein in it hasn't been a problem and it meant she was getting a bit more fat in her diet. Squirmy is now 2 years old.

Start slow, offering fruit and veg regularly and adding bits from your main meal as your LO gets more interested. Having an intolerance to one food does not automatically mean that your baby will have and intolerance to lots of foods - for Squirmy, milk protein is the only thing that causes problems. She loves nuts, eggs and the many things I make with wheat flour (that child is always hunting for the biscuit tin!). If you are concerned then introduce the more common allergens one at a time with a few days gap.

Every so often we test Squirmy's tolerance by having me eat lots of dairy (yummy cheese!!) and the reactions are getting milder and milder the older she gets.
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby messtins » 15 Jan 2012, 14:37

Hi there. My DS2 Matthew has dairy/soya intolerance, he's now 19m. We tried early weaning on medical advice as he has reflux, and it was a bit of a disaster so we backed off and started again just after 6 months with BLW. I've found it has worked really well for us, it's been a really gradual introduction to food as he didn't eat much in terms of quantity until he was about 9m old. The only other food we've had issues with is beans/pulses, but I don't think it's an intolerance (as in an immune reaction to the food) they just make him gassy and that upsets the reflux.
If you are dairy/soya free it's easy - just give him what you are having. If you seem to be having issues with food then you may need to go back to introducing one new food every 4 days, but I think the little and often approach with a wide variety of foods has much to recommend it. My theory is if I ate only pear for several days I'd get a sore tummy too!
Anecdotally, I "know" a lot of reflux/intolerance mummies from the Little Refluxers website, and a lot of them who were fed on hypoallergenic formula for CMPI seem to also have a lot of food intolerances. I hope that by continuing to breastfeed he was still being "shown" a range of food proteins via breastmilk and hopefully this is protective against developing further intolerances. It is all so complex that I don't think anyone really fully understands how it all works though.
We are also seeing signs that Matthew is outgrowing his intolerances. His reactions to any slip-ups on my part have become milder and milder so I now can have restricted amounts of dairy/soya without it upsetting him. He is also now ok with processed dairy in e.g. biscuits and soya flour in bread. Still reacts to yoghurt so have not tried cheese or whole milk but we are getting there.
If you are having issues then the website I mentioned is worth checking out, whether or not your LO is a refluxer - there is a lot of combined experience of food intolerances on there. Jen xx
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby Eleanor » 15 Jan 2012, 18:33

Dairy used to make DS sick and he also got uncomfortable after eating various acidic foods like raw tomatoes and some types of fruit, so we just had to avoid these until he grew out of the problem (around a year for the tomatoes etc and around 18 months for the milk). It's just trial and error really.
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby LemonJuice » 15 Jan 2012, 19:25

It was only once we started weaning that C's intolerances began to emerge which led to very poor sleep and extreme wind. he's 1 now and He and I are dairl free!

Have to say I am struggling to offer cooked meals. Tried a white sauce with soya milk yesterday but he wasn't as impressed as if it had been full on cheesy pasta that he can't eat!

If I had my time again knowing then what I know now I'd have jumped in more slowly but I'd BLWd my daughter successfully with no allergies so took it for granted.
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby Momto2boys » 15 Jan 2012, 21:50

Thanks everyone! We have been dairy/soy free for about 3 months now. This means all meals are cooked so I can eat them, then I add the dairy products for the rest of the family. We use almond milk and coconut milk since he cant have soy either, this also ends margarine and almost all commercial breads!

But because of this we are fully prepared for him eating foods.

What foods did you start first? I have given him a sliced pear, like a potato chip size, he didnt eat really any but chewed on it.
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Re: Dairy/soy intolerance and starting food

Postby SevilleOranges » 22 Jan 2012, 19:19

Hi. Thanks for posting this after 3months of weaning my little one we've not long discovered that she has food intolerances, mainly tomatoes, kiwi, yogurt or diary/soya but we're not sure. In terms of what to offer - we started with potatoes (chips) or jacket potatoes and went from there - we offer what we are having but make sure its soft enough for her to gum and big enough for her to hold. Carrots are good she loves them - also she'll now eat a whole pear (without cutting) as long as its ripe. Toast is great especially if you can spread something on it - at the minute she loves canned tuna with Olive oil mixed in, sometimes I mash in some chickpeas.

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