bad diarroeha after introducing bread

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bad diarroeha after introducing bread

Postby fourweewonders » 10 Jan 2012, 20:29

Does this sound like an allergy/intollerance?

R has had two really watery smelly nappies, with little bits of wheat in them, since he had bread for the first time. I did even realised he swallowed any i though he'd just sucked on it. The only other foods we've offered are veg. His bottom looks almost burnt but he was sat in it about 5mins while i fed his sister.

Hes had terriable skin problems since he was born, and i did worry he might have been picking up traces of something in my breastmilk.

What do i do next??
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Re: bad diarroeha after introducing bread

Postby Twinkly » 10 Jan 2012, 20:46

I don't know about bread intolerance but since Tinky started solids, she's had a really sore bottom. It's almost as if her poo is caustic! Poor thing, she really squeals and cries if I don't get the nappy off in time !! :(
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