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skin sensativity, food related?

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2012, 20:31
by SevilleOranges
I think my DD has sensative skin - where she wears her amber necklace all day-night she has a little dry patch on the back of her neck

she gets dribble rash really badly (but i think thats more to do with tomatoes and kiwis not agreeing with her) she has it on her hands too where they rest on the table or get food covered in them - plus the constant dribbling (DS never did) again I've noticed that yogurt seems to have an effect but no other diary product :?

I've also noticed that she's had yogurt this week and her nappy rash has got gradually worse during the week.....

Any advice regarding things I can do to help would be great, so far I've;

-stopped using soap in the bath and washing her hands
-we dont use fabric conditioner

thank you

Re: skin sensativity, food related?

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 20:18
by Eleanor
Sounds as if she's reacting to things that are acidic rather than one particular food? If so it'll probably go away as she gets less messy and dribbly.

Dribble rash plus amber necklace suggests she's having a bad time with teething so that's possibly also the reason for the nappy rash?

I used to use Badger Balm round DS's mouth where he got sore from dribbling.

Re: skin sensativity, food related?

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2012, 21:00
by SevilleOranges
Thank you.

I think I need to do a food diary or something as it was again horrible and I think she pooed in the night not like her - dribble rash back all over mouth - she did have a bite of tomatoe but threw it to the floor and refused to touch it again. .. I dunno its really difficult as she just eats sooo much and with DS you kind of lose track of whats happening - I think I will take her to docs about ezcema as its spreading and almost looks fungal rather than irrated?

Re: skin sensativity, food related?

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2012, 03:46
by shelly9
Teething does make the little ones poop more, which results in the bad nappy rashes. When it rains it storms, right? I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing skin sensitivities while she's teething. Have you tried giving her a different teething item and giving her a break from the necklace? Changing her teething and can help give her skin a chance to heal.

Re: skin sensativity, food related?

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2012, 20:01
by SevilleOranges
HI thanks for replies I took off her necklace and she's ended up on steroid cream - however since we stopped using it its coming back. . . to top that off she's had an allergic reaction to tahini (we think)