Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

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Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

Postby Zoezew » 05 Jan 2012, 09:19

Wondered if any of you can give me some advice before i start...

Planning on starting BLW when daughter is 6 months old so 1.5 months to go. Read the book and sounds good but nervous about whether she'll have allergies.

While iv been breastfeeding her iv cut out wheat as I found it gave her terrible wind and tummy aches so planning on avoiding giving her bread and pasta for a while. When husband was little he was allergic to cows milk, peas, eggs, mustard, shell fish and others. Does this mean iv got a nightmare ahead if she has the same allergies?

Iv read to leave 2 days between each new food but what are the signs she has an allergy? Sickness/rash??

Hope some of you pros can help!
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Re: Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

Postby jvnt » 05 Jan 2012, 10:25

Hmmm, it's a bit of a how long is a piece of string question - allergies, sensitivities and intolerances can manifest in different ways. Some give stomach problems, which sounds like what she's been having with the wheat? We've been lucky and have none of those but I think they are often associated with wheat and dairy, that's what some of my friends seem to have found anyway. They can also have skin sensitivities which aren't actually allergies - The boy had this to raspberries and some other things, he went quite red around the mouth but had no other symptoms and wasn't bothered.

Eggs gave The Boy a rash around his mouth but repeated exposure led to some facial swelling and itchy and swollen eyes. He's grown out of that one.

Fish makes him vomit and I think makes his mouth and face itchy as he often used to pull faces and contort his mouth after having it.

We had him tested and the significant ones for us are fish and sesame oil, I'm going to have him tested again soon to see if he's grown out of any of those.

So, there's a range of symptoms for you! The scary allergies in our experience are those that involve facial swelling as they could possibly lead to the swollen throat, that's hospital visit territory. My advice would be to go to the doctors and get them to prescribe you some piriton, then you have it in the house and if you do see a swelling type reaction you can nip in in the bud with the piriton. Also to give any suspect foods during the day when you're easily able to get to a doctors or hospital if need be. Also be aware that it often takes several exposures to a type of food to see any reaction.

Waiting two days between each new food only helps to identify what the allergy is to, personally although I wouldn't go crazy introducing loads of new foods every day in the early days I'm not that convinced of the value of this approach. Some allergies can take a long time to manifest, in our case it was well over a year before he had a reaction to fish and at some point reality kicks in you can't wait two days to introduce every single new type of food, you'd be there for years! You must do what you feel comfortable with.

Now, having scared you silly with all that I'd also say to try not to worry about it too much as long as you know what to do in case of a reaction. Allergies are either there or not and whilst family history is a factor we have no family history whatsoever so you just can't predict these things.There really is no knowing and there's no point spoiling all your enjoyment of seeing your baby experience new tastes and textures by anticipating something which may never happen.
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Re: Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

Postby Riotproof » 05 Jan 2012, 10:37

Does your husband see anyone about his allergies?

I have never heard of someone being allergic to peas and mustard.. what was your DH's reaction to those? My MIL insists that my husband was allergic to banana.. not so, he just didn't like the taste/texture and so gagged it up straight away.

As for others, I'd tread carefully, BUT the knowledge about allergies has changed. It used to be avoid, avoid, avoid any potential allergen but now they think that has made allergies worse. An early introduction is better to reduce an allergic reaction if there is one.

Are you still eating all those other things while breastfeeding? I'd continue doing that if it doesn't seem to cause her any problems. You may be able to gradually reintroduce small amounts of gluten back in your own diet just to expose her a little. My DS's allergist has encouraged me to continue consuming small amounts of milk and eggs in cakes, and my DS doesn't have any of those directly. Hives are DS's instant reaction to milk/prawns.. you really need to be prepared for what to do in that circumstance and to watch for any anaphalaxis. That's why I wonder whether family history might get you a referral to an allergist just in case.
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Re: Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

Postby Zoezew » 05 Jan 2012, 19:28

Thank you for your help!!

My husband has outgrown most allergies but still allergic to shellfish and mustard. I think mustard must be quite common as its always listed on the allergens on food packets! I think il just I trouvé each food slowly and see what happens. During pregnancy and now while I'm beware feeding her I try to each a wide variety of foods to expose her to as much as possible, especially those husband was allergic to!

I will mention to doctor about getting piraton ready and for more advice. Hopefully my worry will have been without cause....fingers crossed!
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Re: Nervous about LO having allergies like husband

Postby NancyJ » 26 Jan 2012, 21:27

I've always wondered if food allergies were in any way genetic. I know my husband has asthma and allergies to dust and cats and my daughter seems to be developing asthma and allergies to the same thing. The doctor put her on breathing treatment and a steroid which I don't believe are covered by our , so I'm hoping she can outgrow the allergies.
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