cooking without milk and eggs

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cooking without milk and eggs

Postby emmyb » 13 Apr 2011, 09:13

Hi everyone,

My daughter is 1 and us allergic to milk and eggs. She seems ok with soya products.

I am looking for some recipe ideas? Not sure if I have posted in the right section, sorry.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby Riotproof » 19 May 2011, 07:38

What sort of recipes are you after? For cakes and sweet things I just google vegan xyz. Recipes using commercial eggreplacer usually taste too metallically to me.
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby MeganMom » 01 Jan 2012, 20:07

We use rice milk for things like pancakes and biscuits and they come out more fluffy. My husband is also allergic to eggs and I have found that there is an acceptable substitute for baking. For every egg, use 1/4 cup applesauce and 1 tsp baking powder. We have made zucchini bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies, pumpkin bread, etc with the applesauce/baking powder mix instead of eggs. Sometimes you have to cook things a bit longer, but all the baked goods have come out scrumptious. We often have pancakes with the rice milk/applesauce instead of milk/egg.
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby MeganMom » 01 Jan 2012, 20:10

As a side note- we made MANY things with milk before the dairy allergy, and I have found that I have not had to change much with our diet. We make lots of stews, soups, casseroles, etc., and I have been able to replace all the milk-based dishes with rice or coconut milk and it tastes fine. We make chowder this way, and make our own cream soups, gravy, etc....
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby FlossiesMum » 01 Jan 2012, 20:22

I would replace any calls for milk with soya/rice/coconut/almond milk, and any calls for butter with a non-dairy spread. For eggs, it depends on the recipe. There is a good recipe for egg free chocolate cake in the recipes section. I make biscuits that are meant to have egg with mashed banana in place of the egg (not so effective for cakes though).

Is it just cows milk (can she tolerate goats milk/butter?) or all milk?
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby hiann » 02 Jan 2012, 00:07

Can I plug a friends website: Its cooking without milk, eggs, diary, nuts, soya etc.

Its also on facebook as ibakewithout.

She's a font of all allergy-food avoiding knowledge esp how to "convert" recipes into allergy free!
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby camper » 02 Jan 2012, 02:29

I remember vegan/ allergen-avoiding posters recommending this website before, and I've bookmarked the puffy pillow pancake recipe for when I promise pancakes then find I've run out of eggs! It all looks pretty delicious.
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Re: cooking without milk and eggs

Postby missanh » 28 Feb 2012, 00:55

We eat vegan, and I the PPK all the time (Ethiopian lentils a personal favourite). Another great one is Veggie Num Num. Enjoy!
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