Hungry, but awfully easily distracted!

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Hungry, but awfully easily distracted!

Postby raylis » 27 Oct 2007, 15:52

DS is 10 months soon.

Not to mention how distracted he can get during BF - it's :scream now with solids too!

I always give him his food in the kitchen - and he's had his champion moments.. most of the time, food lands on the mat/hair/head/ear/arm/clothes/highchair/etc.

Today, I thought, 'Hey, why not try what some of the forum members do, feed DS outside in the park..'

Bad idea :p

He was so busy looking at everything he just wasn't interested in eating! What he would spoon in (yes.. I used a loaded spoon) in the kitchen just went in, and came back out!

Anyone's lo gets distracted, and what do you do? Feed him/her in a quiet corner? Any tips, anyone?
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Postby Gypsy » 28 Oct 2007, 00:33

Hi there

Sounds tricky - and frustrating.

Are you eating with him? I find that with DD if I'm sitting down at the table with her, eating myself, she eats a lot better. Sometimes we play some games with food - she trys to put her food in my mouth :scream and I might dance some food around her highchair - and meals can take at least 30 minutes to eat very little, but she does keep eating!

Others will probably have better ideas though ...
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Postby Aitch » 28 Oct 2007, 11:03

what would happen if you just ditched the loaded spoon, raylis? would he pick nothing up at all?
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Postby raylis » 28 Oct 2007, 14:08

i use the loaded spoon coz i am feeding him rice with some steamed fish.. i usually have some steamed veg on the side so it keeps him busy for a bit, then he takes the loaded spoon with his right hand and into his mouth it goes..

but that was short-lived. sigh.

he is in the smearing stage if it's on his table..

i've just noticed that he puts food into his mouth (yay!), then chews on it (yay!), and.. instead of swallowing it.. he spits it back out! sigh. why is he doing this? is this a phase?

perhaps i should start another thread on what phases to expect.. so i don't keep starting a new thread every time something new happens :p

he's also starting to be very very picky with his food..
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Postby Fozza » 28 Oct 2007, 20:32

I think the spitting is normal. Finn will spit quite alot out and maybe pick it up and go again on it!! He is probably swallowing more than you think...the small bits that fall off in his mouth during chewing.
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