Sick after food

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Sick after food

Postby Emmy » 28 Jun 2016, 08:39

Hi everyone,
Just after a bit of advice please.
My little girl has has just turned 6 months so we're very new to BLW but the first couple of times I've tried her with food she has been massively sick, like projectile, bringing up what looks like most of her bottle. I've been making sure she's eating at least a couple of hours after her milk too. First she's gagging and then there's a huge fountain of sick...
So far she's had sweet potato, banana and broccoli. Cut into chip kind of sizes.
Anyone else had this?
Also any tips of good first foods to try? We have some mango to try today.
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Re: Sick after food

Postby Kitcameron » 28 Jun 2016, 12:19

Those sound like great first foods. They dont sound like high allergen foods so I suspect it's more likely to be that she's just struggling to manipulate food around her mouth at the minute and is gagging and bringing it all back up. Some babies get eating ice chewing and swallowing straight away, others take longer. Hopefully it'll pass soon with a bit of practise but keep an eye on her and if you are worried seek further help. I think being sick is not uncommon in the early days and probably more worrying for the parents than the child. Does she seem OK with it or does she look to be in pain/upset or anything?
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