Salt free butter substitute for baking?

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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby StJuniper » 04 Mar 2014, 13:01

:scream You don't have applesauce in the UK?! Every year I make a big batch from apple seconds with my uncle, to have with Thanksgiving dinner. You are missing out if you only eat it with pork.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby oriel » 04 Mar 2014, 13:33

We have it, we just make it ourselves. Those of us with fruit trees anyway. We got boxes of apples from my parents last autumn and made lots of apple sauce, much of which went into mug cakes.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby blackberrycrimble » 04 Mar 2014, 14:44

We make it (and apple butter) as a condiment but I just don't use it in baking. Would rather use our apples for crumbles, pies etc!
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby Treeb » 04 Mar 2014, 15:02

L loves applesauce as a snack. I made a big batch in the fall and froze it in jars so I can take it out as needed. It's also very widely available here in the US, sold in all different sizes of jars and also individual snack size cups. It's often sold sweetened but I always look for the natural/unsweetened. They also sell it with different flavors and mixed with different fruits.

I use it in baking, but I've only used it to replace oil. Wouldn't have thought to sub it for butter since butter is more solid.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby EnigmaFish » 05 Mar 2014, 00:20

I'm originally from the States, so I grew up on the stuff. Now, since I too live in a country that thinks it's only for pork, I make my own. Kleintje also loves it as a snack and it's dead easy to make!
It works great as a butter substitute, but I have found it's best to leave in some butter.

It's very late now but I'll link to the recipe I use tomorrow.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby Biddy » 05 Mar 2014, 15:26

I make it myself, it's dead easy. But I'd love it if it was available in hard here in the uk, unsweetened. The apple sauce you buy here has added stuff to it and tastes yuck imo, I guess because it's meant for pork (yuck).
I like using it in stuffing for a roast chicken or turkey. Adds a lovely moistness and tangy sweet flavour.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby FestiveTidings » 05 Mar 2014, 20:11

James Martin just made his own butter using a mixer and leftover double cream.

Who knew it was that easy?

He then put roasted garlic and basil in his butter and spread it on some bread rather than baking with it but I like the idea. It took 5 mins tops, no salt, no water, no veg oil. Just pure double cream and 5 mins with the mixer until the cream separated then drained through a muslin.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby mamapup » 05 Mar 2014, 21:22

We make apple sauce and have it as.compot on cereal or with yoghurt. Yum. My dad makes amazing variations on an apple sauce theme. Mmmm. But with pork is scrummy.
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Re: Salt free butter substitute for baking?

Postby monkeydo » 05 Mar 2014, 21:40

We use applesauce for baking, I‘m lucky enough to be able to buy it in a health food shop in a big jar, but I‘ve also bought "baby" apple puree in the past too.
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