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Postby LucyLastic » 11 Feb 2014, 19:41

I eased my LO off BF in December - she had gone down to once a day first thing in the morning and she has been eating 'fulltime' for ages now (she's 21m). She hasn't seemed at all bothered by it, so i have no worries about having stopped 'too early'. In fact, hurrah for me for having BF her for 19 months! However, she doesn't appear to like actual milk. We put it on cereal at breakfast and she eats it, but usually after pouring the milk out or by upturning everything and then picking the cereal out. I've tried with cups of milk with food and during the day but normally it's just dribbled into the bib or the cup is thrown on the floor. Now, apparently I picked up my cereal and milk when I was 2 and tipped it over my head and refused milk from then on. I still can't drink the stuff now but use it in cooking, etc. I've never said anything about it in front of her so I think it unlikely that she has picked up on it. My question is this - how else can I make sure she's getting enough milk in her diet? She's been having porridge or scrambled eggs more often while it's been chillier and I try to make sure she gets a Plum fromage frais down her every day (unless she's got a cold) and she eats cheese, cheese spread, crème fraîche, yoghurt. Anyone got any opinions/suggestions?
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Re: Milk

Postby Gizmo » 11 Feb 2014, 19:45

Children don't 'need' milk. Mine gave it up at 12 months and have never had any since. They did eat yoghurt for a few months after that. Now they just have cheese for dairy.
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Re: Milk

Postby Kanga » 11 Feb 2014, 19:46

That sounds fine to me. My dd was bf till she was 15 months and for ages didn't drink milk at all. I don't drink it near either so didn't blame her. I just made sure she are lots of cheese, yoghurt, pasta with cheese sauce etc. she had it on cereal too. After a while she decided to drink it and then went through a phase of drinking tonnes!

My ds will drink it but I often forget to offer it and again he eats enough cheese and yoghurt to feed an army so I don't worry!
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Re: Milk

Postby LucyLastic » 11 Feb 2014, 19:56

Excellent. Reassurance goes a long way :-)
I'm, ahem, 41 (when did *that* happen?!) and have made it thus far without milk, so wasn't overly concerned, but it's nice to have reassurance. Never got to be milk monitor at primary school - the first (and only) time it was my go, I was told I could only hand the milk out if I drank it. And so my primary teacher then had to spend 20 minutes mopping up, let's call it 'spilt' milk. Projectile spillage. Of all the problems my daughter is likely to face in her life, that is not one of them. Thanks for that, Maggie :-)
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Re: Milk

Postby catkin » 11 Feb 2014, 21:14

Agree with others that milk (and indeed dairy) is not actually a necessary part of toddler diet.
On the other hand, mouse was a late convert to milk as a drink after asking for a mug of tea and being given a mug of warm milk. Warm milk with cinnamon or nutmeg at bedtime was popular for a long while, and then he decided he wanted cold milk with breakfast and he's still keen on it now. We *think* it may have been something to do with being able to see the contents of the cup so he wasn't expecting water, we were previously offering milk in a lidded sippy cup as we didn't want it spilled.
So don't necessarily write it off, their tastes often change!
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Re: Milk

Postby StJuniper » 12 Feb 2014, 10:31

Judging by your story, your body doesn't tolerate milk well and you knew it at a very young age. It's always possible that your child is the same, with BLW they are very in tune with their body's needs!
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Re: Milk

Postby Fish&Chips » 12 Feb 2014, 17:12

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Re: Milk

Postby Dulcie » 15 Feb 2014, 22:12

I stopped BFing little man at 14 months as he wasn't really interested any more. He's never liked cows or goats milk as a drink and I panicked and asked the health visitor who said not to worry, it's not necessary for them to drink milk after one year old. She said just let him have whatever he fancies in the way of yoghurt, cheese etc and try to use milk in cooking here and there. Well he doesn't like yoghurt and has only recently started liking raw cheese (he's two) but he loves milky porridge so we have that most mornings.
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