Spitting - bleugh

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Spitting - bleugh

Postby jvnt » 21 Jan 2014, 02:40

Get me, a question about food!

Baby dragon is a spitter, she spits out food she doesn't like. She spits out what's in her mouth if something better comes along and if she's finished eating or distracted she keeps food in her mouth for ages and them spits it out in random locations around the house when she remembers it's there.

She'll be two on Thursday and I feel like she should be getting over this but there's no sign. I've taken to making her spit in the bin if she hamsters food in her mouth so I don't find it behind the sofa later but part of me thinks this is encouraging a generally undesirable behaviour. If I ask her to stay at the table till she's finished she spits it onto the table.

No experience of this before but I'm sure she can't be the only one - what works??? Or if nothing works when did they get the message!
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Re: Spitting - bleugh

Postby Treeb » 21 Jan 2014, 02:53

L spits his food a lot too- I've actually been thinking about starting a topic about this recently! It seems to be gradually getting better, but he still does it quite a bit. In some cases it is the same as you described - he gets tired of chewing something, or decides there is something better he'd rather be eating, or realizes that he has shoved way too much into his mouth (I can't give him big pieces of anything - it all has to be cut/broken in tiny bite size pieces and I can only give him a few pieces of each food at a time, or he will just cram tons and tons in and then spit it back out. Shouldn't he be over that by now??) Other times he also seems to spit out food just because he thinks it is funny! :scream He will be having a snack and then just start spitting a bite all over the carpet and saying "blah!" and laughing.

I usually make him help me clean it up, but of course he doesn't always cooperate. He is getting a bit better about spitting it into a bowl or giving it to me at least some of the time, rather than just spitting it on the floor (if he's eating out of his highchair - in his chair it just gets spit on the tray.)

One thing I've found that has been semi-successful is talking to him a lot about swallowing his food, and explaining how when we swallow the food goes down our throat and into our tummy, not on our clothes, etc. Now when he spits something out and I remind him he should be swallowing he will point to his tummy, and sometimes he seems to then make more of an attempt to swallow things rather than spitting them out.

But yes, we are very much in the middle of this right now, so I hope some others will come along with more advice for both of us!
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Re: Spitting - bleugh

Postby mamapup » 21 Jan 2014, 06:52

Us too. Could have written treeb 's post.for a while the puppy could persuaded to spit in to my hand but then I realised that was disgusting!

Also trying to fi fyyre out a solution but wanted to say you're not alone.
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Re: Spitting - bleugh

Postby jvnt » 21 Jan 2014, 09:56

Thanks guys, judging by Baby Dragon you've got at least six months to a year more of it!
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Re: Spitting - bleugh

Postby StJuniper » 21 Jan 2014, 12:50

P usually spits stuff he doesn't like or stuff he can't chew/handle. DH objects but I feel like he needs to be able to do the latter without feeling like he shouldn't, and I don't know how we'd distinguish the two for him, so I just let him. I've always just assumed it's something he'll outgrow.
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