Constant snacking

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Constant snacking

Postby Melanzana » 17 Jan 2014, 14:17

Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or advice. My LO is 24ms, mostly BLWd (apart from childminder's well meaning sabotage but that is another story!) and has always been an enthusiastic eater. Since Christmas he seems to bug me all the time for snacks between meals. He mostly eats well at mealtimes, he is very tall and sturdy for his age and not overweight. Sometimes he wants biscuits, other times it's fruit, ricecakes and toast, but he seems to want to eat all day long. We recently dropped the morning milk so I wonder if reinstating that might help him (plus up his vit D levels). Now we have almost finished the xmas treats, there should hopefully only be healthy things in the cupboard so do you think I should just let him go for it? He eats an alarming amount of fruit in particular and I wonder if it's at the point where it's getting unhealthy. He got through tons at the weekend and his nappies were horrifying! can't be great for his teeth either and he hates me brushing them.
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Re: Constant snacking

Postby Lily » 17 Jan 2014, 14:53

If he's eating well at meals, rather than just spreading out his normal food intake over the whole day, then I'd let him snack as much as he wants. Encourage healthy options, obviously, but if he's genuinely hungrier than usual then it's probably a growth spurt. You could try offering things with a higher protein/fat content to help him feel full and grow - lavishly buttered toast or cheese always go down well here. Izbiz goes through phases of eating huge amounts, usually for a few days or a week, then returns to normal, and he's usually grown visibly taller by the end of it.
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Re: Constant snacking

Postby Treeb » 17 Jan 2014, 18:46

I agree that it sounds like it could be a growth spurt.

My policy is that snacks are always fine if it is something healthy - fruit, veggies, cheese, rice cakes, crackers once in a while, etc. We don't really keep sweets or junk in the house, so usually when L asks me for something it is something ok for him to have because it is something I might give him as part of a healthy meal anyway. Especially if it isn't interfering with his mealtimes I wouldn't worry about it or stop him.

At 24 mos he can probably take care of things for himself a bit, right? Maybe you could set up a special basket/drawer/whatever with pre-portioned healthy snacks to let him choose for himself when he is hungry. You'd be able to limit the selection to only things you want him to have, so he isn't asking for "junk", and just tell him if he wants to eat it needs to be out of those options.

Or, another option could be to "schedule" a specific snack time between meals and plan out a healthy and filling snack for that time but then not allow constant snacking at other times between meals.
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Re: Constant snacking

Postby Melanzana » 20 Jan 2014, 22:42

Thank you for the ideas. I was also thinking growth spurt, blimey I can't keep him in trousers the rate he's growing! Agree that if there is no bad stuff in house (which there has been lately due to Xmas and birthday party but not usually) not too concerned about how much. The drawer is a good idea. Maybe if he can reach it himself rather than calling me to the cupboard he will get bored and regulate it a bit more.
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Re: Constant snacking

Postby Ellasmummy » 26 Jan 2014, 15:35

I make a daily snack box. I bought a plastic storage box ( little craft one!) with compartments and I put healthy snacks in each compartment. Its like a graze box but cheaper! Then my little ones help the self from their own box. Today I put mini breadsticks, cheese cubes, raspberries and blueberries, cucumber and carrot sticks and mini rice cakes in it.

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Re: Constant snacking

Postby littlekingdom » 27 Jan 2014, 18:42

I don't think you need to get overly concerned about this provided he is also burning away what he is eating. As long as he plays and is active, eating constantly will not lead to obesity. I like the idea of scheduling a snack in between meals and seeing that he has a more filling meal. That should take care of the problem.
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