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Postby ChristmasGift » 16 Jan 2014, 18:28

The Babs has sausages only rarely due to the high salt but she does love them when she has them (which is maybe once a month). I am still taking the meat out of the casing for her. I've got a feeling I am probably the only one still doing this at 17 months?! Was just wondering when other stop doing this?
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Re: Sausages

Postby Treeb » 16 Jan 2014, 18:31

We don't have sausage often but L does love it when we do. He's 16 months and I still cut/break it into little pieces for him. I know hotdogs are the top choking hazard for kids up to age 5 or something like that, so I figure it is best to play it safe with other sausages too!
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Re: Sausages

Postby scotrail » 16 Jan 2014, 18:39

I think hotdogs may be topping the list because it's a very popular food! Never worried about sausages.
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Re: Sausages

Postby handstand79 » 16 Jan 2014, 18:51

I have never taken them out of the casing with my three. I just cut into quarters length ways so they are long thin strips they can hold and bite bits off.
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Re: Sausages

Postby mamapup » 16 Jan 2014, 18:51

I often still take the meat out of the casing for the puppy. I think he's just getting to the point where I don't do it automatically and wait and see how he copes. Normally I'd cut a sausage in half and then length ways so it's not a choking hazard, however, he's just decided he really likes them whole so I sometimes let him have them and watch him like a hawk.

And you're good to manage only once a month, I reckon we have them probably once a week here because they're such a reliable guaranteed eat. Sigh.
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Re: Sausages

Postby Cofa's Tree » 16 Jan 2014, 19:04

Daniel probably has them at least twice a week (thick Irish sausages) and I just cut the sausage into about five pieces and he'll eat each bit in about three bites, skin and all. Now he's turned one, I probably don't worry about salt content and potential choking (other than whole nuts) as much as maybe I should do... :?
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Re: Sausages

Postby Lily » 16 Jan 2014, 20:59

I wish I had a normal child who would eat sausages like all the others.
That is all.
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