Milk before breakfast?

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Re: Milk before breakfast?

Postby kparker » 15 Jan 2014, 06:26

Here's an update. I've given him breakfast first thing for the past three mornings and it's gone okay, but I'm not sure it's best just yet. He doesn't like that I change his diaper first thing before going down to breakfast (I usually do that after the bottle) but he's calmed down once he starts eating. I've given him milk at breakfast and he's drunk some but not much of it (that's okay, I think). It's felt a little weird to me to immediately set him down to breakfast and I miss our snuggly start to the day. So, I'm not sure what to do. I'm really not trying to force him to drop the morning bottle; I just thought he seemed hungrier and hungrier and might want food first. I think I'll try the bottle first again tomorrow and keep thinking about this.
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