Tongue and smoked salmon

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Tongue and smoked salmon

Postby ladyPMD » 03 Jan 2014, 23:15

My 17 month old quite often lives off air. She also self weaned after a prolonged nursing strike, so we don't have boob to fall back on. When she is eating at all she is very very picky and eats very little, except when she binges on random stuff (grapes/blueberries/bananas/sweetcorn/goji berries/yoghurt/porridge/pasta and pesto) - not all together. Sometimes she goes to bed hungry and wakes in the early hours until we give her milk and a banana... (in the past this sort of thing was fixed with boob).

Thanks to a kind lady behind the deli counter we discovered that she will (usually) eat tongue. Is this OK? It looks and smells horrid and I have no idea if it is healthy or not (DH is veggie and I v rarely eat meat).

Another random thing we discovered she likes is smoked salmon (thanks to a half price post Christmas sale bargain!). Is smoked fish OK? I imagine it is full of bizarre stuff from the smoking process and maybe too much salt.

We started off being so careful but now I just feel ridiculously grateful if she eats anything at all!

Thanks in advance for any opinions offered.
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Re: Tongue and smoked salmon

Postby Marrow » 04 Jan 2014, 04:20

The only thing I would be cautious about with either of those is the salt - so fine in moderation.
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Re: Tongue and smoked salmon

Postby jvnt » 04 Jan 2014, 08:02

Baby dragon used to love smoked salmon, she's gone off it now but I agree that salt is the only thing to keep an eye on.
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Re: Tongue and smoked salmon

Postby Andie123 » 07 Jan 2014, 08:59

Ziglet also enjoys smoked salmon from time to time (it's a hard life being a toddler!). I think as long as they are drinking plenty of water their bodies are able to flush out extra salt. As long as her diet isn't high in salt overall I wouldn't worry.
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