One year old not interested in food, please help!

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One year old not interested in food, please help!

Postby mummyraven » 28 Nov 2013, 09:48

I apologies in advance, as I imagine very similar post to thos pop up all the time, but I confess to have hit a low point with blw and could really do with some reassurance please!
My little one is a year old, and our blw journey was pretty bumpy at the start, but recently he had started to seem increasingly interested in food. That is until three weeks ago, when his throwing food on the floor became an every day, every meal occurance. He now rarely eats any breakfast, and i have tried him with all sorts, lunch is ok, and dinner is quite often another huge fail. What he does put in his mouth, he chews on, spits half or more out, then swallows the rest. He has always done the spitting out of a lot that goes into hia mouth, is that normal?? And I'm running low on food ideas to try...he used to love banana, cucumber, orange, cheese, porridge pancakes, home made pizza, pasta, home made bread, little treats like buttery crumpets, blw cookbook apple cake etc. Now we are are down to nibbling rice cakes, oat cakes, and he occasional bread stick. I'm at a loss. He had a tooth come through beginning of last week, but he didn't seem overly bothered for once. The other thing is that he isnt interested in cups of any sort, unless my oh gives it to him, and bf 5ish times during the day and twice at night. Am I getting it all wrong somehow? Just feel like im failing atm!
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Re: One year old not interested in food, please help!

Postby Gizmo » 28 Nov 2013, 10:47

No you're not getting it wrong. It will just be a phase. Probably the tooth or maybe more on the way. I would just give him whatever he will eat and the phase will soon be over.
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Re: One year old not interested in food, please help!

Postby NorthernKitten » 08 Dec 2013, 07:29

My almost 1 year old is the same. Will eat bananas, breadsticks and cereal... Despite once adoring all veggies. An hoping it's a phase, or teeth (she only has her bottom 2) but the longer it goes on (and the closer she gets to 1, and nursery) the more I worry...

Fingers crossed things improve soon!
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Re: One year old not interested in food, please help!

Postby Allium » 09 Dec 2013, 07:45

All sounds perfectly normal. My 13 month old eats...I have no idea how much. I give her a portion and it's hers to do with what she wants...some days she stuffs it all in her mouth. Some days she takes each piece and carefully drops it over the side of her high chair. I'm usually too busy eating my own food or rounding up the others. She drinks cows milk from a cup if I'm not around and bfs several times a day unless we're busy and bfs all night unless she's decided daddy isn't evil on that particular night.

Try not to worry. One day you'll find yourself with a 5 yo so hungry that he asks what food he can have next while still eating his third helping of the last meal (& my 5yo barely are a bite until he was 14 months and then rarely a full meal 3 times a day until he was 2ish).
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