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Is she just being a ratbag? Or is she fussy?

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2007, 15:48
by VanillaPickle
Hi All Oldies (by that I don't mean anybody over the age of 30 just those who have been BLWing for a while)

I have posted something similar to this on the blog, but I'm still interested in any other replies/ideas etc.

The Pickle is showing signs of what might be called fussiness or possibly just an incredibly strong mind of her own...I'm really not sure which. I'm really laid back (or lazy?) about the whole food thing, I don't offer a different food if something is rejected and I let her eat what she wants at a meal. But these last few days she has turned into a maybe it's just a phase (god I hope so), maybe it's linked to the MMR jab just over 10 days ago, maybe she has teeth coming (very likely as at 16 months she still only has 6), but my goodness I want my little girl back and not this ratbag. A LOT of food is being rejected which in itself I am not too worried about as she can then scoff everything at a meal. I also know that from other people's posts that all children go through such phases and that realistically being a BLW baby she already has a much wider food repetoire than her peers.

But anybody else notice this after MMR? (PS: don't want to start a debate on MMR though, I respect individual choice for or against). Probably just coincidence. Or heaven help me maybe she is just a ratbag???!!!!!

I'm tagging on another question....being a veggie myself I am crap on the meat front, can anybody recommend a particular type of lower salt ham that I can give the Pickle? I look at all the hams in the supermarket and quite frankly have absolutely no idea.

PostPosted: 03 Sep 2007, 16:57
by Eleanor
My niece was a whinger from hell for a couple of weeks after her MMR.

Ham - if in doubt I try to go for the most organicky one on the counter, on the basis that it's probably got less other crap in it than the pre-packaged ones on the shelves even if the salt content is high... and just try to encourage her to drink a load of water with it!

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2007, 00:14
by Aitch
Babybear was really rather poorly after her MMR. she had that rash, the one that they tell you is really rare but when you mention it too your friends they all go 'oh yeah, my kid had that'.
for about two or three weeks she was totally clingy, feverish, really not herself but still given to bouts of hilarious toddler hysteria so i can't say that she was listless exactly. it wasn't that she wouldn't eat, per se, she wouldn't even pick it up. oh i felt so sorry for her. behaviour-wise, she had bouts of normality, almost as if her body was winning, but then other times it seemed like she really wasn't her usual lunatic self.
i'm rambling now, but really, your dd's probably not being a ratbag. i think all babybear ate with any willingness was milk and ice-cream during that time. as i say, i felt sorry for her but i wasn't worried, iykwim, as i knew what had caused it.

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2007, 08:34
by realsLINshady
Ratbag EXACTLY describes Small at the moment. Even her doting (and much-more-pateint-than-I-am) Dad was exhausted after dinner/bath/bed duty last night.

We have just done MMR and are also going through an extended period of clinginess and whining. This does also co-incide with a cold and teething activity so Small is trying to cope with a lot of physical discomfort all at once. She definately is less patient at the table and more capricious in her whims which escalates frustration levels in all participants. I keep chanting "In with Anger, Out with Love" in a yogic-stylee and try to keep calm.

I don't know whether MMR is solely to blame becuase of all of the other factors involved but I can ony hope that she gets better soon!

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2007, 11:15
by VanillaPickle
Thank you Aitch and Lin - I feel more relieved already. I thought I had a changling and the ratbag was here to stay. We've been at a playgroup this morning and boy was that a trial. Poor little things, the injection obviously really throws them and what with teething as well. I'm loathed to dose with Calpol just for the sake of it, but wonder if I'm being a little bit cruel not dosing ikywim. I guess it's lots of cuddles and just sit it out......but oh my goodness isn't it tiring!!!

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by VanillaPickle

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by Aitch

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by VanillaPickle

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2007, 17:17
by realsLINshady

Slinks off to opposite corner...

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2007, 17:18
by VanillaPickle
In fact, can we please have a corner on the forum to sit and think about what we've done?

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2007, 07:15
by realsLINshady
<Hee hee>

Yes - it needs a big arrow with "Bad Mummy" pointing to it (a la Supernanny) and we can only come out when we've apologised and promised to try harder in the future.

<Realises she might never be allowed out of Bad Mummy corner based on track record>

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2007, 14:27
by Aitch
LOL, some would say this whole forum is the Bad Mummies' Corner...