No milk

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No milk

Postby Den » 18 Jun 2013, 06:04

Since e has turned 2 about a month ago she has been refusing all milk. She previously had milk in a bottle before bed and after her bday we decided she could only have a cup -she is happy with this but will only drink water from it. We started of giving both each night but the milk never gets drunk.
Is this ok she does have some Greek yog most days and quite a lot of cheese but do I need to worry??
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Re: No milk

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 18 Jun 2013, 07:21

She knows what she needs so I would trust her instincts. We stopped giving milk at bedtime at around the same age, TheWriggler is now not allowed milk after toothbrushing. It's bad for his teeth.
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Re: No milk

Postby Gizmo » 18 Jun 2013, 08:27

I wouldn't worry, both of mine gave up milk at about 20 months. It would have been a lot sooner for them but I kept trying to get them to drink it. Seems daft now. If E has a good diet anyway then I wouldn't worry at all. Vegan children manage ok without diary.
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Re: No milk

Postby Kanga » 18 Jun 2013, 08:34

My dd stopped breast feeding at 15 months & wouldn't drink cows milk at all for ages. I didn't worry as she ate plenty of cheese & yoghurt to get her dairy!
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Re: No milk

Postby KCX » 28 Jun 2013, 10:05

Mine stopped Bf at just over 8months, and apart from milk on cereal hasn't had any (cows/formula/breast or other) since. I checked with our local weaning nurse who said was fine. I gave multivitamins til 12months and make sure I think about her calcium intake, so I offer yoghurt/fish/cheese daily. She's 15months now and doesn't seem to be missing it!
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