14 months - will only breastfeed after I started working

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14 months - will only breastfeed after I started working

Postby Flores » 29 Apr 2013, 08:38

Hi guys!
I've started working 2 weeks ago (I work 3 days a week (in a row) and I am gone for 9 hours every day). My 14 months old daugther is home with her dad. The first week it went surprisingly well. But the last days now she almost only wants to breastfeed and when she is with her dad she can go 6 hours without eating anything. My husband is really worried about this. Concerning weight she is doing fine. She has started walking so she is skinnier than she was, but she was a bit on the chubby side. She has always been breastfeeding really often. And she took to eating solids quite slowly. She sleeps with me so she nurses during the night too, which I am fine with. I am not as concerned as my husband is. She is happy, content, and has lots of energy. I think it will pass. But I wanted to ask you guys since this comes up several times a day and he is really worried. He worries she does not get enough food and not enough balanced diet with nurtritious food. Should I be worried too? Or if not, what can I tell him so he can let his worries go?
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Re: 14 months - will only breastfeed after I started working

Postby scotrail » 29 Apr 2013, 15:29

I have to say, a toddler eating nothing all day might not mean anything nutrition wise, as she gets all the milk she needs, but it might mean something for dad, as she is likely to be a bit cranky towards the end of not eating anything! I'd leave it for another few weeks, though, as it might just be part of her adjustment to you being away. It takes six weeks to get into a new habit! Let me warn you, though, that she's basically reverse cycling, it sounds like.. my daughter did that at 5 months and she wouldn't give it up until we made her, at about 20 months, when I had it with broken sleep. I don't think there's anything wrong with making her favourite lunch three days a week to see if it tempts her, but hey, that's just me!
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Re: 14 months - will only breastfeed after I started working

Postby Popsie » 05 May 2013, 09:22

It also sounds to me that dad is probably getting a bit stressed out by it and she picks up on it... Not sure how you approach meals/ snacks, but how about having a plate with a few snacks bits for her to select herself whilst playing? Things like raisins, crackers, breadsticks, strawberries whatever she likes? It might be a good way to get her back into the habit of eating during the day again.
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Re: 14 months - will only breastfeed after I started working

Postby squirt » 05 May 2013, 11:24

mine does that! and has been for 3 months now. .Drives me insane as I still have to express for myself, but he won't eat it. He'll have some fruit, but not much at all. And then cluster feeds all night and wakes me up many times. That is the worst bit.

trust your bubba, she'll know how to get enough food into her! They can easily go for 10 hours at night, so 6 hours during the day is nothing if they get a chance to catch up later.

Breastmilk is the most super nutritious food in the world. nothing else can compare to it. So don't worry about other food while she is still demand feeding most of the day.
Does he offer a variety? some cheese, some grapes, some of whatever. That's what we do here and he might eat some. Remember, their tummies are tiny, about the size of a golfball! so 3 grapes and you're full. Doesn't seem much, but it's a lot for those little bodies. Perhaps he can make a plate and she can graze from that? as long as he offers a variety, she'll take what she needs and be fine with it. Rare person who starves him/herself!
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