Special toddler diet....

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Special toddler diet....

Postby EmmyandSpencer » 01 Mar 2013, 18:31

Well we saw the GI today and he has his fingers crossed that Spencer just has toddler diarrhea and not celics (or how ever that is spelled). Right now we have blood and stool tests, special diet and fingers crossed.

They want me to slowly up his fiber intake and lower his liquids by 30% Poor kid is going to go crazy he loves his drink. He can have all the fruits and veggies he want so that helps too!

Any one else have to do this? Any ideas or words of encouragements?
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Re: Special toddler diet....

Postby WishingBone » 01 Mar 2013, 20:53

Bear tested negative for coeliac disease but suffered a lot with diarrhoea. It turns out she has lactose intolerance plus fructose malabsorption - we had been told to do similar things to you, but worked out that fructose was the key when she was symptom-free for a week on holiday but then reacted badly to onions. Your situation might be totally different and you might have already ruled this out, but the 'FODMAP' foods are the problems for us. So Bear doesn't have onions (leeks, shallots etc) or stone fruits and we limit pears, apples and also wheat (because of the fructans, not because of the gluten). It's made a huge difference. The main thing was having nursery on board - they've been brilliant at making her normal dishes without onions. Now at 3.5 she quite rarely has any diarrhoea and it's not really affecting her - though when she says she needs to go, she *really* needs to go! Just thought I'd give you our experience in case it helps at all.
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