Milk, pregnancy and runny bums!

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Milk, pregnancy and runny bums!

Postby sully » 25 Jan 2013, 21:58

Exactly since finding out i was pregnant, pumpkin (still very much bf) has had a runny bum. Well in herself, no rash, but homous-like poops, averaging one a day (sorry if tmi!). It's been two months now. My milk supply fell dramatically at about 6 weeks, im 14 now, so for the first time we also started giving her a cup of cow or goat milk before bed, which she really likes. Whether we are using cow or goat milk seems to make no difference to her poos. I can't think of anything else in her diet that has changed recently, and she always has had yogurt and cheese without any problems.

Could the cause be pregnancy related? Or maybe other milk related? What other type of milk might make a good, safe substitute for a 21 month old if I wanted to stop the other types for a while, and how long would I need to do this for to know if it makes a difference? She's never had incredibly solid poos, but this is getting ridiculous (and messy!). Should we be visiting the doc? Could it just be teething?? Any ideas or suggestions greatly received!! My fluffy cloth is taking a hammering!
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Re: Milk, pregnancy and runny bums!

Postby catkin » 25 Jan 2013, 23:03

Well, colostrum is known to cause runny bums in toddlers, but guess that would be a bit early?
Mouse had very runny poos from about 1 up to 3. Some toddlers just do from what I've heard. HV advised us to lay off the fruit juice but otherwise wasn't concerned. If it's 1 a day it's certainly not diarrhoea. It only really stopped with potty training - my theory is that when he learned to hold poos in they had longer for the water to be absorbed out of them.
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Re: Milk, pregnancy and runny bums!

Postby Nix » 26 Jan 2013, 04:07

I think it will be the colostrum particals that are comig through in the milk. By late pregnancy I noticed it more but Harvey's nappies were always runny anyway as he was still bfing 8+ times a day when I got pregnant. I never worried about it too much as he was obviously not poorly; not dehydrated and fine. We introduced formula when I was about 4/5 months pregnant as he liked the taste and wouldn't drink cows milk, he was still having 1/2 feeds per days from me until the end of pregnancy though. It definitely dried up a lot but that didn't put him off. It was only after giving birth that his latch seemed to go bad and I got a nursing aversion when feedin H.
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