How do you do snacks?

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How do you do snacks?

Postby Scozzie » 22 Jan 2013, 21:35

After spending time with friends recently I've seen some very different approaches to snacking. I don't think there's a right or wrong, just curious to know what works for you.

So do you have snacks at the table/in high chair? Or let your wee one/s run about and just help themselves? Casual things like bread sticks or planned/prepared things like sandwiches? Fixed time, limited frequency eg not x hours before meals, or as & when/all day grazing?

I'm guessing it will change as they get older too?
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby PerpetualMadness » 22 Jan 2013, 21:47

We only eat sitting so snacks are at the table or sat on grass/park bench. We don't have fixed snack patterns, I only offer if they've been very busy/outside/cold or they ask.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby issi » 22 Jan 2013, 21:51

I try to give Ollie a snack before his nap if it looks like he's going to sleep through lunch - if that's the case it'll be something lunch-y rather than snacky.

For the afternoon snack, I find it's better to offer something at 4pm rather than have them begging for food at 5pm when dinner won't be ready til nearer 6.

We always sit to eat - oh, apart from if they're standing in the funpod.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby PolarBearGirl » 22 Jan 2013, 21:58

We've always had morning and afternoon snack, 10.30ish and 3ish (we eat tea when DH gets home at 6.30ish) , it varies in size depending on what we're doing, usually fruit and something eg biscuit or breadsticks etc but F asked for beans on toast the other day and since he'd been too sleepy at lunch time to eat properly I made it for him.

I try to make sure there's at least one savory snack a day rather than being sweet stuff all the time and prefer snacks to be a bit boring. Usually they have them sitting down at the little table in the living room rather than at the dining table like meal, unless it's a snack trap snack. When we're out I have a little box with raisins and gingerbread men (because they fit exactly in the box) or put some rice cakes/apples etc in my bag. Sometimes for a special treat I do snack in a tray which is little bits of stuff in an ice cube tray (something in every hole although not all holes are different!) which they can graze on.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby Ducky » 22 Jan 2013, 22:03

Most snacks here are baby led, as both los can reach the snack drawer and fruit bowl and make their needs perfectly clear!

Typically we have one snack in the morning at about 10, which is usually raisins or fruit. They will often eat it as they play, so not at table. Afternoon is either 1 or possibly 2 snacks (at 2 and 4), and are something like a biscuit and may be in a cafe if we are out or in the car heading home.

Ds2 would snack all day given half a chance, so he has to be restricted, but ds1 rarely asks so we go by set times, otherwise I think he gets low blood sugar and majorly grumpy!

Xp with polarbeargirl, we also often have rice cakes, tuc biscuits, grapes, other fruit and dried fruit, bread sticks, very occasionally cake if we have some to eat up, cheese, toasted fruit bread with jam, etc!
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby SparklePetal » 22 Jan 2013, 22:12

Sitting at table if they have open cups, maybe sitting on the floor in the playroom if they have sippy cups and a "clean" snack. I like to discourage wandering in case of choking and definitely in case of crumbs! They have morning milk and mini breadsticks most days. And DD is very good at recognising the time 3 o'clock, because that is Cake Break :D Which involves something cakey or biscuity and a drink of milk and then fruit if there is still hunger. They seem to function well on this routine, it doesn't stop them being hungry at meal times. Cake Break will fit in well when it becomes Home Time and snacks have to come to meet her from school in September!
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby FestiveTidings » 23 Jan 2013, 06:23

Roo is a grazer at the moment. He can't sit still at the table any more for longer than a few minutes so rather than trying to keep him there an forming bad associations with the table, I just let him down and put his food on his play table. I do snack plates with a selection of fruit,cheese, sandwiches or oatcakes and he helps himself whenever he is hungry.

I do wonder if it impacts on meal times sometimes but I don't mind as its heathy things in his snack plate.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby Brigitte » 23 Jan 2013, 06:39

Mostly, we only eat while seated properly. At home, this means at the kitchen table. I used to be against eating in the car, but my daughter gets so excited by being out and about that she generally doesn't eat well, and then she's ravenous when returning to the car. Rather than driving home and then having a snack there (thus delaying bedtime, or making us end our outing earlier), we let her fill up on crackers on the way home. She's much more focused when strapped in! I won't give her foods that I consider to be a slightly higher choking risk while in the car, unless my husband is driving and I am sitting in the back next to her, and never on the highway where it might be hard to pull over in case of an emergency.

Also, it is practically routine for us to have our morning snack in the stroller. Again, this allows us more time on our walks and outings. This way she can run around and explore for some time, and when she gets tired we strap her in and hand her some food, while we walk all the way back home. She just won't eat much when there's other stuff to do, but confining her to the stroller (while still allowing her to see everything) seems to work well for us. Then when we get home, it's straight to bed for a nap.

Sometimes it becomes impossible to prepare snacks or meals at home without handing over a morsel to be nibbled on, or else we suffer a complete meltdown, so we do hand over the occasional item for her to eat around the house. We try not to make this a habit.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby luverlylisa » 23 Jan 2013, 22:27

my boy eats constantly all day, straight after breakfast he asks for rice cakes or something, he helps himself to the healthy snack cupboard for 'dry' snacks, he asks for fruit usually (this isnt in easy reach as he takes a bit out of each piece of fruit then puts it back!) i also have most snacks as 'health' meal type things anyway, so broccoli muffins, caugette fritters, banana and apple cakes so if he does overload on broccoli muffin and misses lunch its no big deal. i learnt on here that a lot of people tend to split the contents of a normal meal into snacks - such as cucumber, sandwhich etc, split through the morning/ day
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby Krysta » 27 Jan 2013, 17:35

Nereus usually has small quantities of food and he likes to eat often! I offer him snacks several times through the day and sometimes he asks himself or gets something from the drawer and brings it to me to help him have it. Until last month most meals and snacks where on his highchair or on our lap. But lately he barely sits on his highchair and I don't want to force him, so he's having some snacks while playing. A long as he's not having big quantities, he's almost always willing to eat and he rarely misses meals.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby Gizmo » 27 Jan 2013, 17:53

PerpetualMadness wrote:We only eat sitting so snacks are at the table or sat on grass/park bench. We don't have fixed snack patterns, I only offer if they've been very busy/outside/cold or they ask.

Usually a banana, dried mango/pineapple/apple or raisins.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby sully » 27 Jan 2013, 21:03

We do healthy, varied snack plates on the coffee table that she can pick at during the day when she gets hungry. We've started having to do this as she seems to always want to eat, as well as huge breakfasts, lunches and dinners (often two of each!). If we kept snacks to certain times she gets grumpy with hunger so we just make sure the choices are all healthy and mostly savoury rather than fruits.
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Re: How do you do snacks?

Postby cvious » 27 Jan 2013, 21:20

She has to stay put to eat a snack, but that place might be the coffee table, play table in the playroom, or on a blanket on the floor. I don't leave snacks out to graze (yogurt is a common snack, so that would be gross). If she asks, we have a snack, or if I'm hungry I ask if she wants a snack before I start eating in front of her. She has a couple snacks every day.
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