Chewing and spitting fruit

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Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby RiRah » 17 Jan 2013, 12:00

OnĂ³ra is 21mths and took to BLW like a duck to water at 6 months. Initially, she ate some fruits quite well and then had a fussy period of eating only bananas. For the last six months, she's been back to eating more and more fruit... well, I say eating. What she actually does is chew each piece lightly 2 - 3 times and spits it out into her bib or on the table. She still eats bananas properly and if it's something like dried mango or pineapple she'll eat them too. But everything else that's fresh; apples, grapes, oranges, pears, cucumber, carrot sticks, melon etc gets the chew, chew, chew, spit treatment.

I've heard of younger kids doing similar and growing out of it. It's been 6 months though and I'm sick of it! Because she's only giving it a light chew, she's not filling up on fruit snacks. She's still hungry and then looking for more and more fruit or other snacks which are less healthy after a short while. She's top of the centiles for weight and not far behind for height. I don't want to get into battle with her about biscuits etc. She has plenty of healthy options, but more less healthy ones than I'd like too.

Any one been through similar? Any tips on how to get her to eat fruit properly? We already eat fruit with her and model how to do and try prompt her to no avail.
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Re: Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby CPinho » 17 Jan 2013, 15:05

My daughter (22 mo) does the same - she will swallow some times, but many times she just spits fruit out. I try not to worry about it thinking that the juice that she swallows has all the good vitamins...
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Re: Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby PolarBearGirl » 17 Jan 2013, 16:40

My younger son does this too, with stuff that needs lots of chewing like meat and more fibrous veg as well as sometimes apples etc. The really delightful bit is when he carefully hands it to me :o If meat falls on his plate he sometimes picks it back up and eats it again!

Personally I wouldn't worry about it, its' messy but really just because they're tired of chewing/have too much in their mouth. A used to fill his mouth up to bursting until he couldn't fit any more in and then let it all fall out at about the same age, it passed... You could try cutting things up smaller, or grating hard stuff like carrots/apples. Is she in a hurry to get back and play whilst you want her to sit at the table to eat her snack? I have a snack trap I let F have in the front room, with half grapes/cereal/rasins/blueberries in it so he doesn't have to stop playing long to snack, or you could try a smaller selection in an ice cube tray, my kids love that.
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Re: Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby julian » 18 Jan 2013, 08:37

We've also had this type of behaviour - it's about getting the taste/juice but not feeling like chewing a lot...
You could try:
- cutting it into smaller pieces
- talking to her about how the food goes down the throat and into the tummy (Cherub found this funny/interesting)
- telling her that spitting it out is 'not good' (or whatever is your preferred designation for non-desirable activities along the lines of emptying cups on the floor, spitting water, throwing food, etc.), and please swallow it down like Mummy and Daddy
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Re: Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby RiRah » 04 Feb 2013, 23:35

So sorry for not coming back to this sooner! Seems every time I get the laptop out, a small person comes over and mashes the keyboard.

Thanks for the good advice. I'm certain she's not spitting food because she has trouble chewing. She managed a piece of pork crackling last week and is pretty good with some tough foods. I've been going down the route of explaining to her where her food should go, ie in her tummy and not her bib. Starting to get a some small results. Initially she thought it was a funny concept and would laugh and try feed the fruit to me to go in my tummy - her orange goes in her bib. After a while, she got the idea that some food goes in her tummy - but still insisted that some goes in her bib.

Quite by chance, she got hold of half a cucumber a few days ago. Surprisingly, she nibbled and scraped away at it with her teeth and actually swallowed a fair bit! Seems I've been giving her her fruit cut up too small! She's also managed to eat some peach yesterday. Still a way to go as most other fruit is bound only for the bib. Funny how chocolate buttons never wind up there!
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Re: Chewing and spitting fruit

Postby Lioncub's mama » 05 Feb 2013, 08:18

we've got this going on too, especially with grapes and segments of satsuma which he used to eat (and LOVE!) no problem at all, now they get chewed a bit, spat out and then he keeps asking for more and more. I'm never sure whether to let him have more, knowing they'll just get the same treatment, or persist with insisting that he eats the ones he's chewed first, which does not go down well. cutting them up does sometimes help but not always. I'm mostly just ignoring and hoping its a phase that he will get through, though the explaining more about food going in the tummy sounds good.

I hope it keeps improving for you! Its sort of reassuring to know that there are others in the same boat!
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