2.5 year old picky eater- Milk addiction.. HELP!

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2.5 year old picky eater- Milk addiction.. HELP!

Postby lizzib45 » 05 Jan 2013, 05:41

Ladies. I am hoping someone has some ideas or insight for my little man. Meal times are so stressful for us. First off he is now off the growth chart. he was always in the 2-5% but at 2 he is under the chart. So he hasnt dropped too much really. Pedi isnt concerned either.
heres the issues: 1- addicted to cows milk. Wants it morning, noon and night and all the time in between. 2. Isnt into many veggies, fruit or meat. Carb-o-lic- like his mama (OOPS!). 3. isnt really willing to try new foods.
Hubby gets super frustrated and gets mad at him easily, which I think makes it worse. For breakfast(which is his only real solid meal) he will have a hard boiled egg and sometimes a half a piece of toast with it. Or a half of waffle with half a banana. or 1 pancake.For lunch (eats better than dinner but not as good as breakfast) : Half or a quarter of a PB&J sandwich. Or a single servicing of mac n cheese. occassionally same size portion grilled cheese or pasta with marinara. Snack in the afternoon: nilla waffer cookies- EEK. or veggie fries. or 1 banana. Dinner: hit and miss completely. bites of whatever we are eating. wont eat meat. Will eat a whole hot dog- on Rare ocassions.
I figure we need to cut out the milk in between meals and make milk and after food treat. but how do we do that without feeling like we are starving him? I feel like its torture for him to eat next to nothing and not give him his milk. I need some advice!
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Re: 2.5 year old picky eater- Milk addiction.. HELP!

Postby cloudcuckoo » 05 Jan 2013, 07:44

Hi! I don't think my 2.5 year old eats a great deal more than that. On the dinner front, what time are you eating? I am wondering whether he is still full from what sounds like a substantial snack. That said, my youngest just doesn't eat dinner except fruit, no matter what I put on her plate at the moment. It's probably just a phase! I do try to make the main meal in the middle of the day though. Milk is definitely filling - so are juice and squash - and it might be worth cutting back although it is full of good nutrients and fats (whole milk) so try not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

I've had some success with fun drinking bottles which I call water bottles and only ever have water in. I also put laminated photos around them on elastic bands which makes them fun as well as identifiable.
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Re: 2.5 year old picky eater- Milk addiction.. HELP!

Postby lizzib45 » 10 Jan 2013, 02:38

we are slowing down on the milk. giving him water instead, since thats not filling. he seems to be doing ok with it. I think that is the better idea going forward so its not a thirst issue and he will hopefully figure out that he needs to eat better. yesterday breakfast and lunch were great, dinner not so much. Today was a crap shoot all together. hopefully its baby steps
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Re: 2.5 year old picky eater- Milk addiction.. HELP!

Postby jvnt » 10 Jan 2013, 02:50

We had this on holiday, it was very hot and he was always asking for milk to drink rather than water and I think it was very fillling and he never seemed particularly hungry for meals. I knew it was probably short term so I just went with it but I do think lots of milk can affect appetite for other foods.

To be honest though my three year old can eat phenomenal amounts but rarely does, breakfast is half a piece of toast if we're lucky, lunch and dinner can be quite good but there are also days where he eats incredibly little at either or both meals. I think that's just the way some preschoolers are.
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