Research findings...looking for babies to film

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Research findings...looking for babies to film

Postby amyb1982 » 03 Dec 2012, 09:38

Hi Everyone

I am a researcher at Swansea University who is very interested in baby-led weaning and have published a few studies exploring the method.

A couple of year ago I started collecting data tracking babies who were being BLW or spoon feed (you might have taken part...we advertised on here :) ). The findings have been really interesting - they have shown that BLW are better able to control their appetite and are less likely to be overweight as toddlers compared to the spoon fed babies.

BBC Wales Today want to do a short piece on my data for the evening news - an interview with me and then ideally film some babies eating and talk to parents of toddlers / older children about their experiences of BLW.

We are looking for parents local to Swansea who would be happy for a film crew to come and film their baby (preferably in their own home) eating or to chat on film about their experiences.

If you are interested and based around Swansea / able to travel probably at the end of next week (December 13th / 14th) I would be very grateful if you could get in touch. I hope this will be an excellent opportunity to promote BLW to a wider audience.

My email address is if you are interested or have any more questions. We would be able to pay travel expenses to Swansea if you are not local but happy to travel :)

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