Would you supplement vitamins?

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Would you supplement vitamins?

Postby Toasty Crumpet » 27 Nov 2012, 19:17

Crumpet's diet is pretty rubbish. She eats lots of cereal, bread, pasta and cream cheese. Occasionally she'll eat bananas, mostly in the supermarket when she'll also eat grapes. She won't eat vegetables, meat or fruit. Will eat yoghurt and a bit of cheese and has a fair amount of milk. Wouldn't drink smoothy when i made one for her and i only give her water to drink, other than cows milk. She's not BFing Any more. Apparently she eats better at nursery but not sure I really believe this. Should I be giving her some kind of vitamin supplement? What do you do if your little one eats a carb heavy diet with little or no fruit or veg?
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Re: Would you supplement vitamins?

Postby KateGladTidings » 27 Nov 2012, 19:24

I did give Roo multivits for a month or two, cause he seemed tired and listless all the time, so it felt like he was lacking something. He also wasn't eating amazingly. I think if she seems bouncy and full of beans there's not too much to worry about
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Re: Would you supplement vitamins?

Postby mumi » 04 Dec 2012, 00:09

Vitamin supplementation is recommended in UK for children from 6 months to 5 years (http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy- ... aspx#close) as it is in many other European countries. It's all about vit D, as kids in northern Europe are likely to be vit D deficient regardless of diet.
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Re: Would you supplement vitamins?

Postby Popsie » 09 Dec 2012, 15:13

I'd give vitamins. Plus I'd offer juice too- think midge was older than your LO when she started but it'd help and if watered down the texture wouldn't be an issue.
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