need to get him to eat more veg!!

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby KDAVIS » 12 Oct 2012, 21:09

hi all,

i have been doing blv for a while now but i am concerned that the variety of veg the my son is eating isnt enough ! he wont eat broc of cauli on its own i have to make patties to get him to eat them ! any suggestions. i havent given any food in a sauce as im worried he want actually eat the much of it !!! :(
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby annieirvine » 12 Oct 2012, 21:17

Hi. We have a 14 month old, and often struggle to interest him in 'plain' veg. I find that making a Spanish omlette/tortilla with 'integral' peas, spinach and other various veg chopped small (plus a bit of cheese melted on top) goes down well. Eggs tick a lot of nutrition boxes too!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby CPinho » 13 Oct 2012, 00:41

No ideas here. My LO is not eating any veg at the moment. I will keep an eye on this post because I would love to see what other moms suggest.
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby ches » 13 Oct 2012, 01:28

Is he on diet? If not, lots of veg is probably not what he needs and that's why he won't eat them on their own. Cauliflower, for instance, is a net-zero calorie food. Why would he want to fill up on that? Babies need >25% of their calories from fat to ensure that they get all the energy they need to fuel their growth. They get most of those fat calories from milk, but as we introduce food and they start to reduce milk, they still need a lot of fatty foods. (Healthy fats like dairy for the cholesterol that they need for brain development, vegetable oils, olive oil, nut butters, avocados, etc. are all good sources of fat for babies.)
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby Mistyscott » 13 Oct 2012, 22:17

Cauliflower/broccoli cheese
Corn on the cob (can buy frozen portions of it) - I never thought ds would manage these but he loves them!
Veg in with the main meal, so mushrooms and peppers in bolognese/pasta dishes

As long as they're getting a balanced diet over a week I wouldn't worry about it too much though :) luckily ds loves broccoli so he often has a portion of that for tea and not much else...he's not a big eater.
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby jvnt » 14 Oct 2012, 03:53

Absolutely, add fat so cheese or white sauce, roasted or adding butter.

I wouldn't worry too much though, keep offering and let them see you enjoying a variety of foods and eventually they'll come around. The boy picked broccoli over a chocolate pancake the other day but hasn't eaten a carrot for over a year - win some, lose some!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby sabrina fair » 14 Oct 2012, 08:10

My 18 month old eats very few vegetables. I offer them all the time because we eat a lot of vegetables ourselves. As others have said, vegetables are obviously good for you, but have very little in the way of fats and calories, so I figure that he just doesn't need them right now. I'm assuming that at some point he'll get to a stage where he wants to copy what we're eating, which will be great, but in the meantime I'm trying not to let it get to me so that it hopefully doesn't become a power struggle. He eats lots of other heathy things (fruit, beans, wholegrains) and is thriving!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby peasmummy » 14 Oct 2012, 11:09

My DD was a professional veg dodger, but we just kept offering. At about 2.5 she finally started to try some veg, and has gradually expanded her repertoire. Now she's 3 we tell her she has to try something before she declares she doesn't like it.

So keep faith, they do get there in the end!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby julian » 15 Oct 2012, 11:33

We're on number two now (8 months) and he is chomping down loads of veg and most things. But number one (2.5 years) seems to be like most toddlers and not so hot on veg anymore.

Chopping into omelets etc sounds good.

Cherry tomatoes always seem to go down the best (normal tomatoes also), with a light vinaigrette also is fine. Carrots is good too mostly.

One technique we have been known to resort to is to lay down veggies first when he is the most hungry, then reveal the carbs and meat afterwards. Sometimes works.
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby happydutchgirl » 15 Oct 2012, 12:44

What about a veg risotto - just make sure you chop up the veg really small (tiny squares of peppers, very finely chopped courgette, diced onion, asparagus sliced into little circles, mushroom, peas and then a few bits of ham).

We made our daughter risotto with just water (no white wine) and some low salt stock but about 30% of it is veg. It tastes quite bland to us but she loves it and it helped to get her used to the veg. You can always make a batch then freeze it.

Also our spaghetti bol has started to get more and more veg snuck into it and it all takes on the flavour of the meat.

Just keep offering the veg whenever you have it and one day you will be amazed when they just start to eat it!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby KDAVIS » 15 Oct 2012, 19:17

thanks to everyone for your suggestions I will defo try them out.

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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby chomaphent » 17 Oct 2012, 18:48

My LO is 14 months old and I was failing to tempt him with veg of any kind, he wouldn't touch 'plain' veg, then I made him a vegetable curry! No chillies, just spices for flavour. I used sweet potato, cauliflower, carrots and green beans, fried a bit of garlic and ginger first with 1 tsp each of coriander, cumin and garam masala, added the veg and a tin of toms, bit of water, simmer till soft and he ate tonnes! Has it every week now when we have 'spicy friday'. He'll also eat veg stew now (keep offering him meat but he's just not interested) I freeze veg stew in portions and serve it along side other stuff instead of 'plain' veg!
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby mummyrhino » 05 Nov 2012, 14:08

I think it goes around in phases, rhinoboy (5) would only eat veg when it was part of a dish like shepherd's pie, Bolognese etc, but now is more likely to eat them plain. Babyrhino (2) was good with plain veg but will now only eat them mixed in except for.sweetcorn which she'll eat any way. It is hard and I constantly worry they don't get their 5 a day, but try not to let it show. I do talk to rhinoboy about healthy foods now he is at a better age to understand and that does seem to encourage him to eat more veg. Hiding veg in sauces is always good for knowing you're getting some goodness in them and plain veg on the side to encourage them to try individual tastes.
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby TeakettleSlim » 13 Nov 2012, 14:36

I agree with those who said just keep offering a variety. Don't hold back because you think he doesn't like something (or because you don't care for it yourself)-- they change their minds a lot. Try different preparations, different shapes/ sizes. Biscuit likes steamed cubed sweet potatoes, but doesn't eat them's not about the potato, it turns out. Encourage him to taste, even if he only licks it or spits it out. Eventually it'll become more familiar and he may eat a little. As for hiding it, smoothies are another good way. :)
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Re: need to get him to eat more veg!!

Postby Popsie » 16 Nov 2012, 21:36

Yep keep offering!
There's a green smoothie recipe I posted in recipes section. Sounds gross but really is nice! It's green cos of kale and spinach but doesn't taste if it at all. It tastes of the banana, honey and peanut butter.
Whizz 1 heaped cup of kale and one of spinach.
Add in 1.5 cups of whatever milk you want, 2tsp honey, 1tbsp peanut butter
Then add a frozen banana (in chunks)
Yes it's green. Littlies might like that!? Super healthy and so nice. I'll say it again.
You Really CANT taste the greens!!!
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