Tip for eating eggs

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Tip for eating eggs

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 22 Sep 2012, 20:47

As Wriggles is firmly in the fussy stage, he'd stopped eating eggs. However, I've done boiled eggs and soldiers a couple of times recently and he loves them. When he sees an egg now he says "dip"! As he doesn't really have much meat, any protein opportunity is good!
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Re: Tip for eating eggs

Postby KDAVIS » 12 Oct 2012, 21:13

my son loves omlettes plus you can hide all sorts of veg etc in them and make a spanisg tortilla is great for all the family and is great cold :)
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Re: Tip for eating eggs

Postby annieirvine » 12 Oct 2012, 21:42

Weird - KDAVIS, did you see what I just wrote in response to your other post?!
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