the meals on the bus....

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

the meals on the bus....

Postby welovepresents » 22 Sep 2012, 08:31

yesterday DD and I coming home from playgroup on the bus. She was holding a banana and eating it as you would. couldn't believe that Next to her was a two and a half year old boy looking in wonder at her as his mother fed him slices of banana on a fork . which she shoved into his mouth every time he looked at my DD . :scream
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Re: the meals on the bus....

Postby LucyL » 22 Sep 2012, 18:22

How bizarre... Bookworm quite likes to eat slices of banana with a fork, but definitely without my help, and most definitely not on the bus!! Why on earth would one mess with one of nature's perfect convenience foods? Take off the "wrapper" and there you go...
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Re: the meals on the bus....

Postby FestiveTidings » 22 Sep 2012, 19:02

One thing I've learned is that some people are complete weirdos when it comes to their children.

Perhaps she didn't want him to get banana hands?
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Re: the meals on the bus....

Postby kron » 22 Sep 2012, 20:56

Banana hands!
:D :D :D
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Re: the meals on the bus....

Postby Scozzie » 22 Sep 2012, 21:07

OT but I can't resist... DH and I sing that muppets "manah manah" song at bathtime if there has been messy bananaing... but with the words "banana beard doo doooo doo doo doo, banana beard doo doo doo doooo" etc.
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