Cow's milk refusal

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Re: Cow's milk refusal

Postby Nix » 28 Sep 2012, 09:50

If given water/milk Harvey would take one sip all day. When he got a DVT bug around Ls age, I gave watery cordial and he started drinking a few cups per day. We also allowed weakly flavoured nesquik milkshakes so he got some milk - he was still bf but I was pregnant and my supply dropped. The good news is he now will drink water, about an inch is gone from his small water bottle when I pick him up from school. And once he was old enough I explained that water is all we can drink before bed. He will also drink cows milk!! I think they gave him some every day at preschool and eventually he just developed a taste for it. He still prefers juice/milkshake but understands that these drinks are not good for our teeth so we limit them.

I'm sure you'll work something out. It's worrying when very little amounts of fluids are being consumed. At least Bm is a drink and food even if it's just once a day.
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Re: Cow's milk refusal

Postby emzit » 28 Sep 2012, 09:59

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Re: Cow's milk refusal

Postby pimento » 28 Sep 2012, 10:12

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Re: Cow's milk refusal

Postby Efficient_Edna » 28 Sep 2012, 19:11

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